The Beginning Of Sawyer Howitt’s Career In Racquetball

There is a young man from Portland, Oregon who is gaining the attention of the world in the sport of Racquetball. Sawyer Howitt became interested in Racquetball while he was attending Lincoln High School.

He has started sharing his talents with the Portland Racquet Club and his game continues to improve. His skill has caught the attention of the national scene. As he continued to play and his skills heightened he gained the experience necessary to enter the national scene and many people believe it is only a question of time before Sawyer Howitt becomes an official member of the national team.

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Sawyer Howitt’s presence became established during the State Racquetball Championships for his high school in Oregon. Although he failed to win the trophy in 2015 the match he played was considered to be outstanding. His opponent was Eric Poppleston who was one of his upper class men. Despite his loss this is when it became obvious Sawyer Howitt had the necessary skills to become a viable contender in numerous events on the 2017 schedule for the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Sawyer Howitt has frequently been matched up in the National Doubles of 2015 with finalists including both John Curley and Gavin Usher. He attended Lincoln High School with both of these men. Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball games is continuing to mature at a steady pace. The possibility of him being marked as a representative for the Racquet Club of Portland is becoming more and more certain as time passes. His numerous fans should prepare themselves to see him surface on the rankings for the National Racquetball scene. Sawyer Howitt’s career in Racquetball is gaining in momentum.

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