Success Academy; the Network Where Learning Matters

Eva Moskowitz, the founder, and CEO of Success Academy had only two goals when founding the school. One of them was to open high-performance institution while at the same time develop or improve American education. Ms. Moskowitz launched the largest charter school network in New York City 10 years ago. She said a recent interview that there would be a new online platform that is focused on expanding the footprints of the network beyond the perimeters of the school district. It is the largest charter school network in the city considering it has more than 41 schools accommodating more than 14,000 students. 76% of the total population in Success Academy are students that are low-income whereas 93% is made up of African-American and Hispanic students.


The elementary and middle schools of Success Academy managed to be among the top ten percent of campuses in the state in 2016. Ms. Moskowitz attributes the success of the network to focus on developing the literacy of the learners. They intend to focus on this with their new websites which constitute instructional videos, book references, and other relevant learning paraphernalia. The school invests its time in handpicking special books that it would store in its libraries. The school management all over the network recently unveiled a new free portal. This is directed to offer free access to the curriculum and teacher development strategies that are used at the Success Academy schools all over the network. The founder, Ms. Moskowitz, said that the school is feeling the pressure to be a part of the solution to those kids who are stuck in institutions where they are not taught to read and write and lack a slight of the basic level science and mathematics.


The network is determined to open a training institution for teachers at its headquarters in Manhattan. The institution is to have a lab school for learners in kindergarten through to the eighth grade. The schools have clubs where students form groups to discuss various matters ranging from racial inequality to social justice. Ever since its foundation in 2006, the network has grown gradually employing quality teachers to cater for the growing number of students over the years. That makes the network well equipped through its schools to provide quality education for the children in the institutions.

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