Shea Butter Is Effective And Responsible


Shea butter has been used for thousands of years by humans because of many of its beneficial properties. Shea butter not only moisturizes but it can also clear up some skin conditions. It is a great treatment for eczema, dandruff, patchy skin, stretch marks, and general dryness. Shea butter grows in Africa and is a nut that is harvested from the shea tree. Once the nut is harvested it is put through a process of crushing, boiling, and purifying the extracted oils and then allowing them to solidify. The resulting product is a pure and natural remedy for a whole host of skin and hair related issues. Shea butter is widely harvested for use all over the world. Some producers such as EuGenia Shea uses sustainable methods from which they acquire their product.


EuGenia Shea is family owned and operated. The company is owned by a mother and daughter that have used time-honored techniques handed down from their descendants to create EuGenia.


As mentioned before the shea butter used to make EuGenia Shea is harvested using local family farms that use sustainable methods. Not only is the company environmentally conscious, but they are also attuned to the needs of their female workers. They donated fifteen percent of the company’s profits back to the workers in the form of an education fund. EuGenia shea butter is not only the best in the world because it is 100% natural raw shea butter, but the company is socially and environmentally responsible which makes it a great option for those that may benefit from their fine product.

    Logan Rempel says:

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