Rocketship Education Changes Lives for the Better

Rocketship Education is transforming the lives of children who would not have had the opportunity to receive a quality education. Rocketship is a non-profit charter school system that locates in economically distressed areas and specializes in elementary education. It is important to grow solid fundamentals when the student is young which carry forward throughout their academic career.

In many cases, the tax base of the area has eroded to the point that there are not enough funds available for a regular quality school system. When this occurs, children suffer an educational gap which puts the way behind other children who have the opportunity to attend school on a regular basis. This gap is usually permanent and the children never recover from it.

Rocketship Education is turning these situations around with their unique and effective methods of teaching and bonding. They have been extremely effective in setting up partnerships between the community, the teachers, the parents, and the students. Particularly in the parent partnerships, the difference is off the scale.

Teachers are required to visit the parents annually at their home, to get to know them better and explain how parents can become involved with their children at school. Working together with their children motivates the child and the results are far better with the parent involved.

Rocketship focuses on four primary development traits that form the foundation for learning. These traits are respect, empathy, persistence, and responsibility. By acquiring these traits, students become better students and better citizens.

The learning process is individualized for each student, while they all participate in larger classes for general subjects. Then the class sizes are broken down into tutoring sessions for more individualized learning. Personalized learning is designed to focus on the talents of each individual student.

Teachers are empowered to grow and develop in their fields by encouraging them to innovate and really connect with the students. A positive attitude and really keeping the students in mind are imperative for teachers and leaders. Parent power gives parents a stake in the process and helps the overall progress of students through motivation and reward.

The results speak for themselves, as Rocketship students are ready for graduation a full year earlier than their public school counterparts.