Raj Fernando – Founder of Workforce Communication Startup and Former Trader

Raj Fernando is already on his second startup, Scoutahead. This startup is focused on workplace communications for large enterprises. However, Raj Fernando began his career outside of the startup space. He began in college at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and eventually progressed through the ranks at the Chicago Board of Trade. After gaining experience at the CBOT, he started his own trading firm, Chopper Trading which he recently sold. The sale of this company prompted him to start his second and current company which is DRW trading.

Chopper Trading was the first startup which was run by Raj Fernando. He was known for recruiting A players and ensuring that these individuals are able to develop their careers. The firm was known for recruiting A players, and building individuals into great employees. That was the major distinguishing mark which separated the firm from their competitors, in that they truly invest in and believe in their employees. The company created an environment which was designed to reduce stress outside of work.

Scoutahead is a startup which is in the business of empowering employees. The purpose behind the app is that it’s a perfect means for allowing people to communicate with each other. Among the features in the app are an anonymous feedback system, collaborative productivity, and communications between leadership. This is designed to ensure that employees of companies are staying engaged in their jobs. The anonymous feedback mechanism also means that employees are able to learn about their areas of improvement from colleagues.

He is currently on the boards of directors of many different organizations as a major philanthropist. He has contributed $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative which was aimed at providing funds for the support of the organization.

Raj is also a major philanthropist in addition to being an executive. He has raised funds for a local no-kill animal shelter, PAWS Chicago for which he is also on the board of directors. This comes on top of his support for wounded warriors and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. His philanthropic support means that he has been able to establish for himself a great reputation among many different philanthropists.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com/contactrajfernando/

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