No Contract Required, Big Savings

FreedomPop prides itself on passing on no required cancellation fees and no required contracts to its mobile device and internet service patrons. FreedomPop it is a Los Angeles-based company that launched in 2012. According to a June 2015 article in “Fortune,”  it  anticipated having one million subscribers occur during the third quarter of 2016. It had raised $30 million in investment income from investor capital.


FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator, MVNO, which means that at a holsale price, paid to Sprint, it in turn purchases data capacity, SMS and data. Moreover, patrons may use FreedomPop devices or phones, or provide their own Sprint-compatible devices as a subscriber to FreedomPop. The sales model has been, “Swap your pricey carrier contract for a free mobile plan.”


Signing up with FreedomPop may be somewhat cumbersome. This, according to the author of “PT Money – FreedomPop Review (2017 update).”


One may purchase internet service, mobile and cell phone service from FreedomPop. The data packages for each are similar in cost. The free cell phone service, good for the first year, provides 500 MB of 4 GB of data, and 200 voice minutes. Generally, this is ample for browsing social media and checking email. When one exceeds their data limit, FreedomPop automatically adds a $10 charge to “top up” the plan to cover the added service. After the first year, monthly fees run about $11.00 for this package.


FreedomPop offers three programs for one to select from in order to earn increased MB of data.

– Invite others to join through Freedom Friends.

– Pay FreedomPop $0.02 per additional MB of data that is used.

– FreedomPop provides opportunities to complete offers, surveys and download software in exchange for free data. Participating vendors include third-party sources such as FreeCreditReport.


FreedomPop offers Unlimited Everything for mobile users and Premium GB for internet users for a monthly fee of about $20.00. Comparable packages are available for less. FreedomPop may be truly free to the one who is frugal and vigilant.

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