NexBank is a Prominent Financial Institution Based in Dallas

NexBank Capital Inc. is a popular financial institution that is situated in Dallas. Recently, the company was able to complete a $54 million private placement. The financial corporation will use its profits to engage in corporate acts. NexBank has also raised over $283 million through equity and debt since 2016. The notes used during the placement were not callable for five years. They are also set to mature by September 30th, 2027. The interest rate of these notes is estimated at 6.375% in a period of five years. The Better Business Bureau has also issued an investment grade rating for these notes. During the private offering for these notes, the sole placement agent was Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P. To gain access to these notes, you must fulfill the necessary registration requirements under the Securities Act.

About NexBank

NexBank has always strived to stay ahead of its competitors in the finance sector. The company offers a wide array of services such as; Mortgage Banking; Commercial Banking, and Institutional Services. By providing customized services to both individuals and corporations, NexBank can guarantee client satisfaction. Additionally, NexBank has employed a huge team of professionals who are dedicated to providing quality services.

Since the inception of NexBank, many clients have benefited greatly from the services offered at the financial institution. In the commercial banking sector, the company provides loans to their clients as a way of supporting their business endeavors. As a result, NexBank has been able to pave the way for market expansion and the growth of various businesses. In the credit services sector, the corporation offers third-party access to multiple types of investment loans. Such benefits have attracted many clients, and NexBank has also experienced a high customer retention rate. The corporation has also partnered with potential investors, real estate developers, and other financial institutions.

The corporation also offers Mortgage banking services. NexBank is also striving to ensure that they have established long-term relationships with their clients. At NexBank, you will even get access to customized solutions from the various professionals depending on your needs. As a result, NexBank can ensure that the business endeavors of their clients’ is running accordingly. The leadership within NexBank Capital has also played a key role in the success of the financial institution. Since individuals such as James Dondero are serving as executives within NexBank, the company can benefit from the experience and insight offered by such individuals.