Malcolm CasSelle Having Tremendous Success With Block Chain

Malcolm CasSeell is the CIO of OPSkins, a company he founded in 2015. CasSelle became an entrepreneur after he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University with degrees in computer science.

CasSelle founded the NetNoir Corporation in 1995. The company focused on Afrocentric culture media productions. NetNoir also has the distinction of being the first company to be selected into the company’s Greenhouse program. For the next four years he served as a vice president with the Hong Kong-based telco service provider Pacific Century Cyberworks.

CasSelle has seen a number of notable achievements over the years including investments in several bitcoin companies. While working for OPSkins, CasSelle utilized blockchain technology to provide a more seamless way of conducting business.

According to CasSelle, fraud and fragmentation are the two key issues that have plagued the virtual asset exchange industry since the beginning. Because transactions are made online, fraudulent activity is much more prevalent.

CasSelle says that the block chain technology should eliminate simply due to the nature of the system.

Aside from OPSkins, CasSelle also worked for Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments. During his tenure, he provided direct investments for the company. He was also an executive with Groupon during their venture with gaming giant Tencent.

CasSelle was also one of the earliest investors with Facebook and Zynga. His ability to get in on the ground floor of multi-billion dollar corporations is uncanny.

In 2012, he was named CEO of Xfire, a network for video game players. He also joined Media Pass as CEO in 2013. Media Pass is a revenue-generating paywall solution for individuals using digital content.

CasSelle is also the creator of the social media tracking software company Timeline Labs. He sold the company to Seachange International in 2014.

Tribune Publishing named CasSelle CEO in 2016.

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