Madison County Courier Is Helping The New York Judicial System

Usually, a bar association does not give much aid to the local judicial jurisdiction. It is there to make decisions on what is right on wrong regarding the local judicial jurisdiction. Sometimes it is even against the jurisdiction; all bar associations do their best to exist for the people of the community, especially those on a low-income level.


The New York Bar Association is changing the familiar way a bar association operates. This is occurring through a new online system called the Madison County Courier. All judges and other workers of the court have access to this system, and they are using to their advantage and to the advantage of the litigants coming before them. This is especially showing in criminal cases.


Mostly all criminals, both incarcerated and free, come to court with no attorney. The judge usually forces an attorney in the courtroom to speak with the defendant for a few minutes and then argue his/her case. Now, law clerks can get on the Madison County Courier system and find an attorney nearby that is in his/her office. This has led to the court no longer scavenging around for an attorney for a defendant.


Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, creator of this online system, is very happy with these results. In fact, Attorney Goldstein is quite surprised. This system was created to be used by people in the community, especially those with little or no money.


Attorney Goldstein is thrilled to see the court making full use of this system, too. He believes this makes his education seem worth, even beyond the awards he has won for never losing a case while representing some of the biggest corporations in America. Attorney Goldstein is planning to make several adjustments to this online system within the next several months. He hopes these adjustments will help people and the court system even more.


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