Kelvin Seawright’s Contributions To The Public Service Sector

Kevin Seawright is the vice president and CEO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). His exceptional leadership and decision-making skills together with experience previously gained in other senior positions earned him this position.

His experience in the financial sector enables him to guide Newark city and the community in achieving better business objectives and assist small businesses as they strive to come up in Newark community.

Market Wired has it that Kevin Seawright apart from his managerial post at CEDC is the founder of RPS Solutions, a company that deals in the construction and renovation of houses in Baltimore. The company intends to increase the rate of home ownership in the area up to 48.3%. This move was designed to create stability in the economic environment by encouraging members of the community to invest in the homes, which were rather affordable.

Seawright has had a successful career over several years and can boast of several accomplishments. One such accomplishment is his transformation of revenue planning corporate processes. This move had great outcomes for contractors and subcontractors around the mid-Atlantic region.

He also achieved a 25% increase in annual returns projected for goods and services rendered as a result of his work in revenue enhancements.

According to Crunchbase, Kelvin Seawright also had a hand in strengthening Human Capital divisions. This particular accomplishment is quite appealing as it demonstrates his concern for the members of staff and their welfare. This served to boost staff morale, which led to better service delivery to the customers and overall better performance by the company.

Apart from the business scene, Kevin Seawright has shown a great deal of interest in working with the community to try to improve various systems.

He also quite social and actively shares positive posts on his tweeter account. He tweets about on-going projects in the community and shares his opinions on matters concerning sports. This creates an image of an approachable all rounded figure with a sincere need to help the community.

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