Jacob Gottlieb  Leading Investor in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare industry for long has been regarded as an excellent opportunity for investors. One of the leading investors in the healthcare industry who is well-known in the industry is Jacob Gottlieb. He is considered to be the titan in the healthcare investment sector and is the CEO and founder of Altium Capital. Altium Capital is wholly focused on investment in the healthcare sector and has recently invested in some emerging healthcare companies, including Amarin, Oragenic, and Oramed. These companies are new age healthcare companies that are focused on research and finding a solution to the issues that for long have been irrecoverable.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Altium Capital is based in New York, and its portfolio has been increasing rapidly in recent times. Jacob Gottlieb has a good understanding of the market, and his habit of continually keeping a check on the market trends has helped him make informed investment decisions. It is what has helped Altium Capital to increase its investment portfolio considerably as well as providing good returns to the consumers. In the last few years, many new healthcare companies are emerging with innovative products and services.

Jacob Gottlieb’s believe that it is necessary for the investors to check and do thorough research before investing. Jacob Gottlieb is known in the industry for his previous venture when he started Visium Asset Management, an $8 billion investment fund. Jacob Gottlieb continues to provide new insights into the healthcare investment sector, and many consumers and industry experts take his lead. For people looking for investment advice, following what Jacob Gottlieb has to say or where he has invested can give a good idea. It would lead the way for building a good investment portfolio as well as ensure financial security. Tons of healthcare companies continue to emerge with time and Jacob has a good idea of which one of these is worth investing in.