InnovaCare Health’s Top Executives: Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is one of the most well-known health providers in North America. The company provides quality health care in the region through innovative network models. InnovaCare’s healthcare models have been sustainable, cost effective and utilize the most efficient technologies available.

InnovaCare operates PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc. These are located in Puerto Rico and have more than 200,000 members. The company is well- known for its broad benefit coverage and its responsive patient-centered care. The rapidly changing health care setting in North America has not pulled InnovaCare back as they have been able to coordinate innovative and high-quality healthcare in the region.

InnovaCare has enjoyed immense success in the North American region, and this displays the firm’s determination to provide solutions in the complex health care environment.

Penelope Kokkinides

Kokkinides is the acting chief administrative officer for InnovaCare. She joined the company in 2015. Kokkinides did her undergraduate studies at Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences. She moved on to New York University where she got a master’s degree in social work. She did a postmaster’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse from the same institution. Penelope also studied at Columbia University’s School of Health. She got a master’s degree in public health.

Kokkinides has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. She specialized in the managed care industry and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. She has worked as the executive vice president and chief operating officer for Touchstone Health. Penelope Kokkinides also worked at Disease Management at AmeriChoice and was Care Management’s corporate vice president. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Dr. Richard Shinto

Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare Health, Inc. Rick has worked as a pulmonologist and internist for over two decades. Shinto also has a lot of experience in clinical and operational managed care.

Shinto has served as an executive in different firms in the past. He was the chief executive officer of Aveta Inc., NAMM California’s chief medical officer, and the chief operating and medical officer at Medical Pathways Management. Rick has also worked as the corporate vice president of MedPartners for three years and also the chief medical officer of Cal Optima Health Plans in California.

Richard Shinto has written numerous publications on health care and clinical medicine.

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