Igor Cornelsen Explains His Profitable Investment Strategy


Igor Cornelsen is an expert investor, and a retired banker. He works with Bainbridge Group with investing in the stock market. He became famous with his investing prowess while in Brazil, where he became one of the country’s top bankers. He managed a large part of the investment portfolio of the country. Currently Igor lives in South Florida, where he enjoys golf and his retirement. He still dabbles in the investing markets from time to time.


The world is beginning to become interested in the Brazilian economy, after last summer’s 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The games awakened an interest people have in the country as an investment target. Brazil needs to focus on becoming the market oriented economy that proved successful for it before 2008. The “new economic matrix”, which was government driven, cause major declines in stock prices in the country. Current GDP growth is less than 2%, disappointing investors. The country is still the eighth largest economy in the world.


Igor Cornelsen recommends that people considering investing in Brazil, should be prepared for a lot of new regulations in the country. The labor market is very rigid, taxes are high, and the bureaucracy are obstacles to investors. Igor claims that the Brazilian market is growing, just fragile. Cornelsen claims that even though the market is tricky, those who put in the work to find the good values, will be paid handsomely in the end.


Igor suggests on his blog that investors change the way they view the stock market. Quick trades rarely work, but investing for the long haul usually does work. Look for companies who have had their stock prices damaged, rather than damaged companies.  When you do this, just wait until the tides turn. You will have much more success than looking for a quick profit.  Learn more about Igor on Snappages, or you can also see his career story on CNN.

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