How Stephen Hicks Views Opportunity with Southridge Capital

The CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, says that the company is a key player in helping businesses prepare for their futures financially. Southridge Capital has many companies under it’s larger umbrella to help manage business development as well as come up with a plan of execution.


Having founded the company in 1996, Hicks was bringing more than 30 years of experience to the table. Hicks was also skilled in the area of investment experience and risk management. Hicks also founded Southridge Capital with a sound background in education. After having earned his B.S. in Business Administration, he went on to earn his MBA from Fordham University.


While there are many investment companies focused on investing for the individual, Southridge Capital is focused on serving the small business owner. Recently, he was interviewed about his role in the company, as well as his goals for Southridge Capital. This included asking questions about how he starts his day personally, and for the company.


Stephen Hicks’ response was focused, noting that his first task of the day was to review the portfolio, and then moving on to create a list of tasks for the day. Each day, he creates a list of tasks for himself as well as for his staff. He knows that it’s important to make sure accounts are on track and performing as they should be as the day goes on. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The second question that Mr. Hicks was asked was about his success as an entrepreneur. He was happy to share more about the skills that matter most in this field. Focus is important for success in any area of business, especially when it comes to this aspect of finance. Organization was another area of business that is really important. Stephen Hicks knows that in order to keep everything in line, you must be organized. Reviewing the daily activity of every investment is important, so that you can determine whether or not they are performing as they should be.


Southridge is running smoothly, and it’s no surprise that it’s due in part to the leadership of Stephen Hicks and those he hired to help him grow the company. You can follow their Twitter account.



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