Herbalife Nutrition and Their Efforts With The American Red Cross

Herbalife Nutrition has always been a staple name in global nutrition efforts. They are most known for their initiative on helping provide a better quality of life to those who are in more depressed areas of the world. Herbalife is also focused on helping people live a happier and healthier life. Herbalife Nutrition, their services and their products, are backed by research and scientific studies to make sure that the quality that they deliver is always of top-notch tiers.


The American Red Cross is an organization that is most well known and respected for their blood donation drives and blood provision efforts. The American Red cross is also well known for their tremendous efforts on emergency responses and rescues. The American Red Cross employs donors, volunteers and employees to be able to provide relief where it is needed, anywhere around the world. They are a donation-centered organization and they rely on compassion, initiative and excellence to provide their services to anyone who might need it.

The two giants in their respective industries have now teamed up in order to bring better help on a much wider scale. Herbalife Nutrition and the American Red Cross are creating efforts to bring a better quality of living and help provide for a better life to those who are in need. Recently, Herbalife Nutrition has declared its support to the American Redcross by donating a massive amount of Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars to over 100 blood donation centers of the American Red Cross throughout the United States. More than 280,000 nutrition bars will be donated nationwide – and this amounts to a retail value of about 500,000 dollars, and this has been the fourth consecutive year that Herbalife Nutrition has donated such a generous gift to the American Red Cross. The protein bars that have been donated by Herbalife Nutrition are the perfect recovery snack by individuals who have just donated blood. The high-quality protein bars of Herbalife Nutrition is sure to replenish the nutrients lost during the donation.

Herbalife also encourages all its affliates, its employees and team members to be independent distributors of help for the American Red Cross. Herbalife Nutrition also taps into the compassion of their team members and urges them to be frequent and make regular donations of blood, if they are capable. Herbalife Nutrition encourages everyone in their community to proceed to the local blood drive to help out people in need.