Harry Harrison Interview

An industrious businessman if ever there was one, Harry Harrison is an aficionado of financial affairs. A Cambridge University graduate, Harrison’s college career was rife with opportunity and awakening. During this juncture, Harrison unleashed his business savvy. As a result, he evolved into a multifaceted mogul with strengths in trading, fixed income sales, economics, investing, and management. Harrison’s profound understanding of these realms enabled him to thrive in his next pursuit: establishing a business. A London-based banking firm, Barclays Non-Core, was the result.

The concept for the company derived from Harrison’s “strong curiosity.” Intrigued by the vast unknowns of business, Harrison created Barclays Non-Core in hopes of digesting the intricacies of how businesses are created, managed, and maintained. More specifically, Harrison was keen to see how microeconomic forces interacted with macroeconomic effects. In turn, he hoped to ascertain what elements make markets function. Though Harrison only spent three years with the firm, he flourished as the head of Barclays Non-Core. Though he’s no longer working a conventional job, Harrison continues to aid others on the financial quests.

While staying at home with his children, Harrison is also able to consult businesses and individuals on the complexities of financial handlings. Such areas include venture capital, commercial technology, and private equity. When he’s not demonstrating his prowess as a financial advisor, Harrison enjoys working alongside the most talented entrepreneur he knows: his wife. Together, the two make a powerhouse couple. From yoga sessions to business meetings, Harrison and his spouse spend considerable time together.