Gulf Coast Western

Known as Joint Ventures, or Managing Venture of Oil & Gas General Partnerships, Gulf Coast Western, LLC, has the primary goal of the acquisition for the reserves of gas located in places such as the gulf coast region in the United States. The company is owned by a family that is based native to the U.S. in Dallas, Texas, though there are headquartered locations scattered into other states like Mississippi, other Texan towns, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The company was founded back in 1970 and has been a growing part of the family since. Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, who is part of the founding family of Gulf Coast Western, tactics to achieve their hefty goals are utilized through a careful combination of resources, talented minds who are part of the team, experience and know-how of the industry from team members, and balanced leadership qualities.

The company has acquired access and full rights to tens of acres of land, not to mention the data that goes along with monitoring seismic activity in the area of Southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western has obtained property rights as well as access to hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic data in Southwestern Louisiana, one of the locations in which Gulf Coast Western is based. This is only one example of the many trade agreements that Gulf Coast Western has put into place with such affiliates as Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, which is considered to be a sister company. This location, along with 140 locations used for drilling, 13 production wells, and just about 30 million barrels of oil equivalent, ends up representing a large portion of their total reserve potential within that singular partnership.

Even though Gulf Coast Western have their attention currently placed on the lease acquisition and the land exploration for oil drilling in very specific regions in the South of the United States, that does not mean that their sights won’t eventually be set elsewhere. There is plenty of potential and intention from the company to expand into other U.S. regions in the future.

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