Guilherme Paulus Leads CVC Towards Excellence In The Tourism Sector

It is factual that the Brazilian tourism sector is filled with a golden decade of excellence because of the significant growth that it has registered over the past few years. The country is more appealing thereby attracting more tourists from across the world.

Its artistic, as well as natural heritage is the main attractive aspects that people find pleasing to the eyes. Behind this growth is one man who has vast experience in business and hospitality management. Guilherme Paulus is revolutionizing the Brazilian tourism sector by introducing a new wave of services and products to cater to all clients.

Background Information

Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC, a prestigious tourism sector centered in Sao Paulo. The company was a boutique firm that developed into a large tour operator across the world. Since 1972 when it was founded, Paulus committed his time as well as resources to coming up with effective strategies that have in turn helped clients enjoy their travel. CVC is a registered tourism company that now caters to over 10,000 clients annually. The success of this company rests in the hands of Paulus.

The Early Life of Guilherme Paulus

Born in 1949, Paulus majored in business administration. This was about fifty years ago. He started CVC with his business partner and was in charge of general operations. Paulus put in a lot of work in customer care, products and services delivery. The businessman worked hard to make sure that his company gained prominence over the years. Not only did he use his natural ability to come up with a broad spectrum of packages for travelling but also exceed the existing competition in the industry. Over the years, his company has become one of Brazil’s significant providers of travel services and products.

Why is CVC Highly Regarded?

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has been giving back to the community. Recently, Paulus supported a charitable organization that engages young people in leadership management in the tourism sector. Aside from that, CVC provides affordable travel packages for clients. This is regardless of the client’s income or budget. CVC makes sure that every client receives a full package of travel products.