Gino Pozzo’s Passion for Football

Making it in the football world requires not only a high degree of commitment but also a passion for the game. With these two aspects in place, it becomes quite easy to not only make a name for yourself but also achieve the impossible in the football world. One of the most famous names in the football world today is Gino Pozzo. Having acquired an immaculate reputation for taking poorly ranked teams and making them lead clubs in their countries, he still continues to be one of the most respected football figures in the European football scene. He is also the owner of Watford Football club.

His passion for the sport began at such a young age, and this was because he had parents who were passionate football fans. Through his mother Giuliana Pozzo, Gino was actually related to one of the former Udinese Calcio football club. His history simply proved that the Pozzo family has maintained their passion for football from one generation to another. Their love for the sport enabled them to create a legacy that has been recognized globally. Gino’s enthusiasm for buying clubs began with the purchase of Udinese club by his father, Gianpaolo. His father was able to purchase the club with profits from their family business.

For generations, apart from being involved in the football world, the Pozzo family also worked in the woodworking industry. Today they even manage and own an electrical appliance business, which is located in Spain. Their involvement in various industries apart from football has made it possible for them to properly manage the football clubs they buy into and lead them back to their former glory. For Gino Pozzo, football is not a significant focus but they enjoy doing it, and this is why they strive always to do it the right way.

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