End Citizens United Believes Beto O’Rourke Can Beat Ted Cruz In The Race For The Senate

     During the past year, 34 seats have been acquired by Democrats. End Citizens United’s latest poll shows Beto O’Rourke is quickly gaining on Republican Ted Cruz. Cruz is only in the lead with a narrow margin. The Texas Senator had an 18 percent lead at the beginning of the year. In one month the odds of O’Rourke winning have dramatically increased.

As a group for campaign finance reform, End Citizens United believes the fact 61 percent of the voters in Texas did not have enough information regarding O’Rourke’s political views is crucial. O’Rourke is gaining because Cruz is being shown in an unfavorable light. Nearly half the respondents to the poll have a negative opinion of Cruz. He is viewed favorably by just 38 percent.

O’Rourke received an endorsement in December from the Action Fund of the League of Conservation Voters. This group is also interested in supporting Veronica Escobar. End Citizen United believes once voters have more information about O’Rourke he will overtake Cruz. The voters must see his campaign platform for continued gains in the polls.

O’Rourke raised $2.4 million in the last three months of 2017. He accomplished this without any PAC involvement. Cruz has a reputation for accepting funds from the PAC’s. During the same frame of time he raised just $1.9 million. The second quarter also saw more funding for O’Rourke than Cruz. Cruz has more cash readily available because of his work with the PAC’s. The estimation is Cruz currently has $7.3 million and O’Rourke $4.6 million.

End Citizens United is fighting against disparity. Their average donation is $14 yet they raised $25 million. If the Democrats use the same formula they will most likely achieve the same results. The majority of the experts believe Cruz will win the campaign. O’Rourke is a long-shot but he is reaching the voters with grassroots techniques. He is bringing attention to his campaign through social media. He is the favorite in the primaries but he must have enough support in November to beat Cruz.

The most current surveys show O’Rourke is only trailing Cruz by eight points. Many of the polls showed the majority of the voters had no opinion regarding O’Rourke but an unfavorable opinion concerning Cruz. O’Rourke has funded his campaign strictly by individual contributions. Corporate PAC’s have given Cruz $1.3 million and he voted to provide them with an enormous tax break. There is no polling definitively stating O’Rourke can be the winner in the race for the Senate. The most important trend appears to be the unfavorable ratings accumulated by Cruz. These ratings may cost him the race. He additionally left the Republican presidential contest of 2016 as damaged goods.

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