David Giertz’s Insights on the Social Security Debate

About two years ago, there was a general concern that financial advisors were avoiding their responsibility of explaining about social security to their clients. David Giertz sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal Digital Network’s Veronica Dagher where he gave more insights into the matter.

Retirement Survey

David revealed that Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute had conducted a survey on social security, where their target groups were the retired people and those who were nearing retirement. From the survey on cnbc.com, he confirmed that it was indeed true that the financial advisors were not advising their clients about social securities, which was not right. He further explained that about 80 percent of their respondents were in the blink of changing their advisors if the trend continued on SoundCloud.com.

Complexity of The Topic

About why the advisors were avoiding the topic, David Giertz acknowledged the complexity of the social security issues, noting that the social security handbook had 2,700 rules, which would prove hard for the advisors to comprehend.

Why Social Security is Important

David noted that financial advisors ought to be much interested in social security since it would entail about 40 percent of the income retirement planning process at https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz. Their survey also showed that those who abandon social security too early were at a risk of losing on average $1000 per month over a period of 25 years. Social security is of paramount importance for as far as maximizing the retirement income is concerned.

About David Giertz

David L. Giertz has over three decades experience in the financial services sector, especially in retirement plans and life insurance. He is a business graduate from Millikin University where he now serves a member of their board of trustee. Giertz is an MBA holder from the University of Miami.

In 2013, David secured a job at Nationwide Life Insurance Company where he is the President of their subsidiary company, Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. He is also a community leader and an industry arbitrator with FINRA.

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