Securus Technologies Reels in Another Subsidiary

Securus Technologies is committed to being able to provide its customers in the government sector a “one-stop shop” for its technology service needs. That became even more clear with the company’s January 2018 acquisition of GovPayNet, a payment processor with current contract with over 2,300 agencies in 35 states. President and COO of Securus, Bob Pickens, said, “We are very excited to be adding GovPayNet to our portfolio of products.” There is no doubt that the move gives credence to the company’s commitment to be a leader in the payment processing industry. Combined with Securus’ 2015 acquisition of JPay, the company is now capable of processing over 40 million payment annually.


GovPayNet is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been in business since 1997, providing debit and credit payment processing to local governments. Types of payments they process include cash bail, property tax, probation fees, criminal and traffic fines, restitution, child support, and many others.


Securus Technologies is a holding company with over 20 subsidiaries under its domain to include JPay, Telerus, Cara Clinicals, Voice Analytics, and more. They employee over 1,000 people in four offices in Texas and Atlanta Georgia. They have been in business since 1986 and the company is considered a premier provider of technology services like inmate and parole tracking, video conferencing, inmate self service, and a multitude of other services. They provide services to over 3,500 agencies and to over 1.2 million inmates in the United States. The Chief Financial Officer of Securus is Rick Smith.


Securus Technologies Keeping Inmates and Officers Safe

It might come as a surprise to many that the conditions inside the prison are more dangerous than these inmates had to deal with on the outside. Confined to a small space each day, these inmates can become targets quickly and easily, and often suffer the consequences before they know what hit them. To try and keep the peace and get ahead of these instances, we have to make use of some resources that give us the ability to peek behind the curtain of what these inmates are actually up to.


The most important resource that we have in our quest to maintain peace in our prison was recently supplied to us by Securus Technologies. Their inmate call monitoring system is state-of-the-art, able to do the work of a dozen officers while we focus our efforts on other pressing issues. The company has a thousand employees who are all dedicated to making the world safer, and that goes for the CEO Richard Smith too. This Dallas-based company already has the same call monitoring system in thousands of jail, and now we understand why.


To give you an understanding as to how important Securus Technologies and their inmate call monitoring system has become to our team, we only need to look at how our day has changed since calling them in to make the replacement. We used to have to break up fights in the yard when the visitors had weapons, now we pick up on calls where inmates are telling others where they hid those weapons in preparation for a fight. We also identify who is smuggling in drugs and weapons and stop them long before they can get inside the facility.


Thanks to the team at Securus Technologies, we are now able to stay ahead of major incidents more easily now.