Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall: A Perfect Alternative

Since 1989, the residents of Joao Pessoa have been enjoying an all-in-one Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall introduced a new concept in the Mall industry by providing fun activities for the families.



Robert Santiago established the Mall in 1989. Robert is an entrepreneur in Joao Pessoa, and he has ventured into different business activities. However, the Manaira Shopping Mall seems to be his greatest success yet. Robert had a vision of providing the citizens of Joao Pessoa with a place not only for shopping but fun. He launched the project in 1987, but it took two years for the Mall to be completed.



Food Court



The Mall was inaugurated in 1989; however, improvements have been made over the years. One of the significant changes that have been done has been the Food Court. The Mall has a Gourmet area that contains a steak area and a burger house. The food court area has a unique design, and it includes different food joints with various cuisines.






Manaira Shopping Mall is a fun filled space for both the kids and the adults. The Mall includes an amusement park that houses over 200 gaming machines. They have also included a ballroom in the Mall. The best addition has been the Cinepolis which includes different cinemas. All the movie theaters have been fitted with State-of-art technology and screens. They also contain recliner seats for the perfect viewing of the screen. The cinema hall includes a bar and gourmet popcorn.



There is a bowling alley with six tracks. The alley provides an environment for you to bond with your friends. The alley is close to the strike bar where you can chill and enjoy various drinks and cocktails.



Manaira Mall has provided a play area for the children. The Pirlimpimpim provides the perfect environment for the children to play and also interact with other kids. The management has employed two managers and also 24 supervisors to monitor the children. The children will need a passport to access the play area. You can get the weekly passports or the monthly ones for easy access.



The Mall introduced the largest concert hall in Joao Pessoa in 2009. The Domus Hall established eight years ago with the aim of providing the artists with a channel to entertain and also showcase their skills. The Hall is located on the roof of Manaira Mall, and it comes with two distinct floors. It has the ground floor and the Mezzanine. The Mezzanine comes with s private cabin and lounge. It also has dressing rooms. The Ground floor is spacious, and it can house around 8,000 people. The space has been used for various occasions including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays among others.



Roberto Santiago: The Owner Of Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is the man behind the largest shopping center in the city of Pessao in the locality of Joao in Brazil. He managed to create an idea and actualized it into becoming the largest shopping center that you can find there.

In it, you will find the commodities that you need, you will be entertained and you will have a good time because distractions and fun activities are in plenty.

This Shopping Centre Boast Some Very Awesome Contents

The Domus Hall

Open since the year 2009, Domus Hall has been instrumental in the hosting of several functions and conventions that needed room, and these are the functions that it has served and hosted so far.

FairsReceptionsTheater Art exhibitions

  1. Fairs- they may include science fairs among others.
  2. Receptions- these can involve parties after the main events.
  3. Theater – theatrical performances are a big part of society, and they too can be hosted here because the hall is auditorium style and can serve that purpose.
  4. Art exhibitions- whenever you need to showcase anything that involves art and other forms of it thereof, you can always get this shall for that.
  5. You will find bars; cabins and bathrooms on this floor making this floor self-contained and convenient.

The Domus Hall has been instrumental in giving the shopping center the allure that it needs.

The Areas of Interest Include:

  • If you have the need to use a hall, you can always hire the Domus hall for exhibitions, fairs, and other functions.
  • When hungry, you can pop over to the food court which will offer you various dishes.
  • With eight cinemas showing different movies at all times, you can never get bored.
  • If you want outdoor fun activities that require lots of room, you can go to the leisure area that has all the fun activities you can engage in.

The Shopping Centre Boasts Acreage Never Seen Before In Joao

With an acreage that covers a lot of land, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has everything that you will need all arranged neatly in over 200 store spaced nicely apart for you to have room for walking, sightseeing, and shopping in peace with no hassle, struggle or congestion.

The Stalls and The Entertainment

The rooms and halls that are reserved for entertainment have the best equipment that will ensure you get entertainment in all its glory. Great pictures, great sound, and great ambiance will ensure that you have fun.

Diverse Merchandise

With a variety of brands, hundreds of merchandise types and lots of room, you will see diversity in all its glory. When you want to be spoilt for choice and have the best time shopping for whatever you need, you can just pop in here and see what the center has to offer.

In Conclusion

The Manaira Mall is a diverse, interesting and truly magnificent place where all you need can be found and the services provided are superb.

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