A Brief History About Waiakea Water

The Volcanic Water of Waiakea Hawaiian is a mark of high-quality mineral Water bottles from Waiakea Inc., Culver City. Waiakea is then filtered through 14,000 meters of porous lava stone before it reappeared at its origin, the Kea’au-like, situated in the east of the volcanic forest of the skin in an isolated region, surrounded by wealthy and bio-diversified forest preserves. The volcanic water of Waiakea comes from Hawaii through the snow and rain on the unspoilt summit of the active volcano Mauna loam, one of the cleanest landscapes on the planet.

From both the snow-capped snow and the rain of the great Island’s Mauna bread volcano, the vainly filter is leaked from the thousand metres of rocky, which produces one of the most beautiful, most modest and dirty water in the planet. The mission of Waiakea is to provide sustainable, natural, healthy Hawaiian volcanic waters with the blessings of the indigenous kapuna and konohiki, while at the same time contributing to clean access, preservation and training for people in Hawaii and all over the world.

The mission of Waiakea is to provide natural, delicious, tasty, volcanic waters of Hawaii with the least possible impact, while at the same time contributing to the preservation and access to clean waters and training for those who are needed throughout the world. The Volcanic waters of Hawaii is a expression that is described in the unique process of the volcano’s discovery through thousands of meters of the stone of the skin. Waiakea is the first Volcanic waters of Hawaii with its unique and resonance platform of unrivaled healthy, durable and ethical characteristics and initiatives.

In comparison with tap-on-the-fly waters, the better choice in terms of flavor, quality, and availability. Alkalinity is one of the only characteristics of the island’s center, which distinguishes it from other bottle-like waters on the market.

Waiakea then seeps through the millennia of porous lava rocks before it reappears at its origin, situated at the east foot of the volcanic forest in an isolated region, surrounded by wealthy and organic forest preserves. Waiakea was established in 2012 as the top quality of the highest quality of Hawaii’s volcano and took advantage of the category-leading platform of health, sustainability and ethical and charitable characteristics and initiatives.


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    We all want to drink pure and clean water but this is usually a not the case for many people. Enter Waiakea Water which is a great source clean water. They rely in part on a natural purification process and then bettering this purification. Follow through here: https://www.relationshipstartersblog.com/ and find out why Waiakea was established in 2012 as the top quality of the highest water.

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Ara Chackerian Role in Healthcare Startups

Many governments in the world are doing their best to make the economy grow. There are several factors that should be considered when the economy of a country is in question. The healthcare industry is among them. The right medical care is needed so that people live a healthy life and get enough energy to work in their respected department. Countries that have invested in the industry are enjoying great economies compared to those who have chosen to abandon the healthcare facilities. This area is also an idea for profit making, especially when it is attracting the private investors. This is one of the areas that has been left unexploited for many generations. For more details visit The News Version.

There are many venture capitals that have been coming in the market. These institutions have discovered the benefits of having healthcare startups moving and thriving. These startups have a paramount role to play in the growth of the economies. Chakerian is not surprised about the impact the healthcare startups are making in the recent times. The businessman has been investing his wealth in this area for a long time now, and he has helped many prominent healthcare firms to stand on their feet and emerge with the results desired. There are many players in the medical industry, and they all depend on value and innovation.

According to Patch, after studying the world of medicine for a long time, Ara Chackerian discovered that making innovations in the healthcare world was the only way to improve the outcomes in patients. Although he is not a medic, the businessman helped in championing for some concepts that have been helpful in the healthcare department. Some of these include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Because of the innovations introduced by Ara Chackerian, it is now easy to keep up with the records in the healthcare department without having so many books in the office. Digital recording has made many health centers to keep in check with all the patients who come to seek any help from their hospitals. With more innovations, Ara Chackerian hopes that the industry will grow and also have a greater impact in the lives of many. Talented entrepreneurs have also been urged to take on the challenge seriously so that they can contribute to their economies.



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Jim Tananbaum the CEO of Foresite Capital; improving healthcare with investments

The brain is one of the most intriguing parts of the human body. It interprets neurons and helps in almost running all of the body functions. Mindstrong Health is a start-up company funded by Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optimum Ventures, and One Mind Brain Impact Fund to a tune of $14 million in Series A funding. It is developing a neurological –focused device to monitor the patterns of interaction of smart-phone devices to the objective measure of brain activity. This serves to improve mental health care by developing a better intervention. For this to happen, Mindstrong CEO Paul Dagum appreciates the support he got from his investment partners who believed in his strategy to help with the brain research. One of the most notable investors is Jim Tananbaum. Visit ideamensch to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is a renowned investor who has taken an interest in investing in healthcare. In the last 25 years, he has spent his investments on health care franchises in all areas of healthcare economy. He was the co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals which brought two drugs to market and was later purchased for a whopping $1.6 billion. He has also cofounded Theravance Inc. and Prospect Venture Partners. He is now the CEO of Foresite Capital. He has played a vital role in Foresite Capital investment organization structure and investment strategy making it manage approximately $1.1 billion worth of assets. Foresite Capital head office is in San Francisco with another office in New York. He has also invested in companies such as Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. He also sits on the board of directors with companies such as Tarsa Pharmaceuticals and Peloton Pharmaceuticals.

According to INC42, Jim is a well-educated guy. He holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jim also has a B.S. and B.S.S.E. from Yale University. He has also served on the advisory boards to the Harvard-MIT HST program and Yale School of Engineering. He also has an M.S. from MIT. With such an impression is no wonder he has been on the Midas List of Top Tech Investors for three years and running. With these contributions to the healthcare, Jim Tananbaum is on the way to revolutionize healthcare in the world if he hasn’t yet already.

Reference: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170418005997/en/Foresite-Capital-Announces-CEO-Jim-Tananbaum-Named

Nathaniel Ru Redefines Healthy Lifestyle With Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru has seen a lot of issues with today’s society. For one thing, a lot of fattening foods have been thrown all over the place. Fattening items are advertised heavily. At the same time, there is this mindset that the pleasurable things are unhealthy while the chores are healthier. Often times, healthier foods lacked flavor. People found themselves eating bland food. However, Nathaniel Ru is showing that healthy food does not have to be so bland. There are some foods that people could enjoy that also bring them to a much healthier lifestyle. This is what can be found at Sweetgreen.


Nathaniel Ru has partnered with two friends in order to put together something that will help people choose a healthier lifestyle. With Sweetgreen, people will not only enjoy some of the salads that are presented to them, but they will also enjoy plenty of other items on the menu. The three people had a lot of obstacles to overcome. One obstacle was their lack of experience. The fortunate thing is that they were able to use it to their advantage. For one thing, they had a fresh set of eyes that could come up with new solutions to their problems.


One thing that Nathaniel has shown with his company is that he has a lot of creativity. Creativity is one of the key factors in success. Another key factor is in the marketing. Someone has to spread the word about what is happening. Then people will come to check it out. If the customer is satisfied, then word will spread and more people will come.


Healthy living no longer has to be defined as excruciatingly boring or painful. People will find newer and better tastes that they will enjoy. A lot of the foods that are offered by Sweetgreen are full of flavor. Therefore, there is no processing or any other activities that could manipulate the food that is served.


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Shea Butter Is Effective And Responsible


Shea butter has been used for thousands of years by humans because of many of its beneficial properties. Shea butter not only moisturizes but it can also clear up some skin conditions. It is a great treatment for eczema, dandruff, patchy skin, stretch marks, and general dryness. Shea butter grows in Africa and is a nut that is harvested from the shea tree. Once the nut is harvested it is put through a process of crushing, boiling, and purifying the extracted oils and then allowing them to solidify. The resulting product is a pure and natural remedy for a whole host of skin and hair related issues. Shea butter is widely harvested for use all over the world. Some producers such as EuGenia Shea uses sustainable methods from which they acquire their product.


EuGenia Shea is family owned and operated. The company is owned by a mother and daughter that have used time-honored techniques handed down from their descendants to create EuGenia.


As mentioned before the shea butter used to make EuGenia Shea is harvested using local family farms that use sustainable methods. Not only is the company environmentally conscious, but they are also attuned to the needs of their female workers. They donated fifteen percent of the company’s profits back to the workers in the form of an education fund. EuGenia shea butter is not only the best in the world because it is 100% natural raw shea butter, but the company is socially and environmentally responsible which makes it a great option for those that may benefit from their fine product.

    Logan Rempel says:

    EuGenia is pure African shea butter that does not use artificial means by which to create the formula that they sell. They use the same formula that they have been using for hundreds of years. There are some ways that the best essay service can get back on what they from them need.