Evoluntion of Smooth Lip Balms For Every Day Use

Video bloggers all across the world are catching on to the amazing trend setting EOS (evolution of smooth) lip balms. These tiny spherical balls of goodness are not only soothing but also convenient. One video blogger goes on to discuss how easy it is to find these little balls of balm in her make up bag and in her purse. It is really easy to lose a tube. Sometimes you end up having to dump most of your bag just to find that one tube of lip balm. EOS lip balms are easy to find and the bright colorful shades of the spheres make them easier to distinguish in a large tote bag. Another blogger goes on to discuss how the EOS lip balms are her every day go to lip balm. These come in a variety of styles that can literally accommodate every single day of a person’s make up routine. The basic balms come in tasty flavors like melon, mint and passion fruit. These are great alone or as a base layer to a lipstick. The spf containing balms are great for sunny days. Our lips need just as much protection from the sun as the rest of our face and body does. Another blogger goes on to discuss how the shimmer balms add just enough glimmer to spice up any outfit they are wearing. The bottom line on these fun balms is that they contain lots of vitamins and oils that are beneficial to your skin, they come in a wide variety of flavors and they can work around any person’s preference for balm needs.