How Stephen Hicks Views Opportunity with Southridge Capital

The CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, says that the company is a key player in helping businesses prepare for their futures financially. Southridge Capital has many companies under it’s larger umbrella to help manage business development as well as come up with a plan of execution.


Having founded the company in 1996, Hicks was bringing more than 30 years of experience to the table. Hicks was also skilled in the area of investment experience and risk management. Hicks also founded Southridge Capital with a sound background in education. After having earned his B.S. in Business Administration, he went on to earn his MBA from Fordham University.


While there are many investment companies focused on investing for the individual, Southridge Capital is focused on serving the small business owner. Recently, he was interviewed about his role in the company, as well as his goals for Southridge Capital. This included asking questions about how he starts his day personally, and for the company.


Stephen Hicks’ response was focused, noting that his first task of the day was to review the portfolio, and then moving on to create a list of tasks for the day. Each day, he creates a list of tasks for himself as well as for his staff. He knows that it’s important to make sure accounts are on track and performing as they should be as the day goes on. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The second question that Mr. Hicks was asked was about his success as an entrepreneur. He was happy to share more about the skills that matter most in this field. Focus is important for success in any area of business, especially when it comes to this aspect of finance. Organization was another area of business that is really important. Stephen Hicks knows that in order to keep everything in line, you must be organized. Reviewing the daily activity of every investment is important, so that you can determine whether or not they are performing as they should be.


Southridge is running smoothly, and it’s no surprise that it’s due in part to the leadership of Stephen Hicks and those he hired to help him grow the company. You can follow their Twitter account.



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Alastair Borthwick: Scottish Author of True Classics

Author, journalist, and broadcaster, Alastair Borthwick, is a native of Rutherglen, Scotland. He initially got his start in journalism with a job the Glasgow Weekly Herald in 1929 at the young age of 16. Alastair Borthwick began his career by assisting correspondents as they phoned in their news to be reported, but from there he was able to transition into editor of some of the feature pages. During his time at the Herald, Borthwick became aware of the climbing and hillwalking aficionados in the Scottish Highlands and he helped to perpetuate the popularity of these activities by detailing them in the “Open Air” section of the paper.

An interesting aspect of the hiking, climbing, and hillwalking scene at that time was that it was transitioning from something only done by the more financially well-off to a hobby of the working class people. It became an activity that was especially popular with residents of Clydebank and Glasgow who would travel to the Highlands area on the weekends. This pastime was the topic of one of Alastair Borthwick’s books, “Always A Little Further”. This was his first novel and was published in 1939. The book became a classic and has never been out of publication.

A true lover of Scotland, Alastair Borthwick was offered a job at the Daily Mirror which consisted of a huge professional advancement, but it was in London. Despite trying for one year to adjust to the vastly different London lifestyle, Borthwick ended up back in Glasgow and secured a position as a BBC radio correspondent.

When World War II began Alastair Borthwick was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the Seaforth Highlanders. His war experience led to the penning of his second book, a work entitled “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders” which was published in 1946. The work has often been in publication and was most recently released under an altered title in 1994, “Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945” which received a significant amount of critical acclaim.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Role In Transformation Of Dubai

‘With dedication, desire and determination, anything is possible’. These words were said by none other than Hussain Sajwani. Hussain is a UAE national who continues to wow experts and business enthusiasts, mostly because of his remarkable track record in the world of business. At present, Sajwani is the Chairman of a global property development company called DAMAC Properties. The company is widely recognized for pioneering real estate market expansion in Dubai.

Sajwani went to study at the University of Washington and kick-started his career as a Contract Manager in GASCO, a branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. The experience he got molded him to the exceptional businessman he is today. After GASCO, Sajwani tried his luck in catering and established his own business in 1982.He still owns the food service firm to date and has since managed it effectively to its current status. The venture has attracted promising clients such as the US Army and other business giants. Of all his achievements, his triumphs in DAMAC Properties are the most notable and most indomitable.

Founded in 2002, DAMAC Properties placed its bet on non-emirates. Sajwani and his team saw foreigners as the main clients and apartment buyers and he embarked on the development of attractive structures to lure them. The strategies the company employed were so effective that it managed to sell all its residential buildings in less than six months. Sajwani chiefly focuses on construction and he has played a vital and an active role in the transformation of Dubai. Today, Dubai is popular because of its splendor and the elegant buildings thanks to its visionary businessmen like Hussain Sajwani.

Sajwani is a great friend of Donald Trump. Their friendship started in 2013, way before Donald Trump become the President of the United States. His company together with Trump’s have collaborated to establish Trump International golf courses at DAMAC’s Akoya residential development projects. So exceptional is Sajwani that Donald Trump described him as a determined businessman with an amazing personality.

Sajwani employs brilliant strategies that help his company triumph in the ever-competitive real estate sector. He believes that one should never hesitate to grab a business opportunity. The exceptional businessman also engages in philanthropic endeavors to help make the world a better place.


Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie

Papa John’s is a company with headquarters based in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, the United States. It is a restaurant franchise company that has branches globally. The company has been recognized as one of the largest restaurants that deliver pizza and take-out.

After several woes in the company’s top management, it was decided that a new look was required to revamp the company. There was also a need for the company to strengthen its relationship with their customers and reassure them that all is well. Therefore, a new CEO was hired to take over the company’s business. Steve Richie is now the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s Pizza. Steve Richie is seen as a man of actions that the company was looking for.

When he first joined the company, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s decided to write a letter to their customers. Among the issues addressed in the letter to customers is an apology for the unfortunate turn of events in the company. He requested the customers to avoid any negative comment regarding the company and join him in rebuilding the firm. He also stated that Papa John’s does not consist of an individual but instead, is larger than one person. The company consists of over 120, 000 franchise members of a unified team and corporates. These people come from various communities in the world and are dedicated to providing better pizza products and services to their clients. These are the people holding the firm together and no individual can break the trust that this team has earned itself over the years.

Steve Richie has also recognized the need to show their clients and stakeholders on the various steps taken by the company to bring positive changes. Some of the actions taken by the company to bring in the desired changes include the use of experts to audit the company’s diversity and culture. The senior management will also collect data from franchisees, and employees to come up with information that will be used to help the company move forward. The company will also open a channel of communication with their customers to keep them informed of the company’s activities. Steve Richie assured their clients of accountability and better days ahead.

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Guilherme Paulus Leads CVC Towards Excellence In The Tourism Sector

It is factual that the Brazilian tourism sector is filled with a golden decade of excellence because of the significant growth that it has registered over the past few years. The country is more appealing thereby attracting more tourists from across the world.

Its artistic, as well as natural heritage is the main attractive aspects that people find pleasing to the eyes. Behind this growth is one man who has vast experience in business and hospitality management. Guilherme Paulus is revolutionizing the Brazilian tourism sector by introducing a new wave of services and products to cater to all clients.

Background Information

Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC, a prestigious tourism sector centered in Sao Paulo. The company was a boutique firm that developed into a large tour operator across the world. Since 1972 when it was founded, Paulus committed his time as well as resources to coming up with effective strategies that have in turn helped clients enjoy their travel. CVC is a registered tourism company that now caters to over 10,000 clients annually. The success of this company rests in the hands of Paulus.

The Early Life of Guilherme Paulus

Born in 1949, Paulus majored in business administration. This was about fifty years ago. He started CVC with his business partner and was in charge of general operations. Paulus put in a lot of work in customer care, products and services delivery. The businessman worked hard to make sure that his company gained prominence over the years. Not only did he use his natural ability to come up with a broad spectrum of packages for travelling but also exceed the existing competition in the industry. Over the years, his company has become one of Brazil’s significant providers of travel services and products.

Why is CVC Highly Regarded?

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has been giving back to the community. Recently, Paulus supported a charitable organization that engages young people in leadership management in the tourism sector. Aside from that, CVC provides affordable travel packages for clients. This is regardless of the client’s income or budget. CVC makes sure that every client receives a full package of travel products.

Background Information on Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati billionaire who has vast interests in the luxury real estate market. He is listed as the 4th richest Arab. He has ventures in areas equity and capital markets. Hussain Sajwani can be defined as being a transformative and visionary leader and has led the company to improved levels of success. The entrepreneur was born in Emirates but later moved to America for further studies. He attended the University of Washington. He is a graduate in economics and engineering. His expertise in the listed areas has given him an upper hand in managing both construction and the real estate operations. Before forming the Company, he runs other ventures such as Global Logistic Venture as well the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles co.

DAMAC properties

The company was founded by Hussain Sajwani in 2002 and has managed to venture into different countries. It has high-end products in countries such as Jordan, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Qatar, and Lebanon. DAMAC owner is keen on ensuring that the company offers quality and competitive products. Some of the products that are offered by the Company include furnished hotel villas, hotel apartments, and hotel rooms. The properties are located in prime areas such as London and other major destinations. In 2016, the organization was listed by the Forbes as being the fastest growing venture. Since its creation, the DAMAC Owner had recorded consistent growth in the revenue levels.

Currently, the organization has a global clientele. The success of the group can be linked to the professionalism of the team. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is keen on employing the services of award-winning contractors, designers, and architects. There is an equal emphasis on the market trends and the responses issued by the clients. The operations of the DAMAC properties are in line with the set environmental regulations and mainly employ modern designs. The company is committed to coming up with innovative and quality products that meet the interest of the group. Based on the past financial performances, it is cellar the properties would offer high returns on the invested properties. The unique features of the properties and prime locations are some of the factors that would help secure a huge market.

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Ara Chackerian Role in Healthcare Startups

Many governments in the world are doing their best to make the economy grow. There are several factors that should be considered when the economy of a country is in question. The healthcare industry is among them. The right medical care is needed so that people live a healthy life and get enough energy to work in their respected department. Countries that have invested in the industry are enjoying great economies compared to those who have chosen to abandon the healthcare facilities. This area is also an idea for profit making, especially when it is attracting the private investors. This is one of the areas that has been left unexploited for many generations. For more details visit The News Version.

There are many venture capitals that have been coming in the market. These institutions have discovered the benefits of having healthcare startups moving and thriving. These startups have a paramount role to play in the growth of the economies. Chakerian is not surprised about the impact the healthcare startups are making in the recent times. The businessman has been investing his wealth in this area for a long time now, and he has helped many prominent healthcare firms to stand on their feet and emerge with the results desired. There are many players in the medical industry, and they all depend on value and innovation.

According to Patch, after studying the world of medicine for a long time, Ara Chackerian discovered that making innovations in the healthcare world was the only way to improve the outcomes in patients. Although he is not a medic, the businessman helped in championing for some concepts that have been helpful in the healthcare department. Some of these include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Because of the innovations introduced by Ara Chackerian, it is now easy to keep up with the records in the healthcare department without having so many books in the office. Digital recording has made many health centers to keep in check with all the patients who come to seek any help from their hospitals. With more innovations, Ara Chackerian hopes that the industry will grow and also have a greater impact in the lives of many. Talented entrepreneurs have also been urged to take on the challenge seriously so that they can contribute to their economies.



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Victoria Doramus Overcomes Drug Addiction Thereby Becoming A Business Leader

It is factual that we live in a tremendously digitalized era. This means that people often feel interconnected because of the high levels of communication. In reality, however, the digital age is moving so fast. New platforms are continually evolving. There is also a constant digital transformation that is now attracting businesses. That is what Victoria Doramus is delving into at the moment.


Doramus is a brand in marketing. Consequently, she has been dealing with brands not only as the manager but the face of the products as well. As the channels people use to communicate evolve, she is also taking up these trends and infusing them into her tasks. Some of the brands she is famous for handling includes Creative Arts Agency and Peter Borg among others. When handling these brands, she fostered excellent customer experience. She utilizes digital marketing to sell these brands.


But that is not all about Doramus as she has so much to tell given her tough experiences in the past. As she celebrates her success, she is keen on some of the awkward moments that defined her in the past. For instance, she was into drugs. For years, she used hard substances to get through life. In her opinion, these drugs numbed her pain. Therefore, she did not have to deal with every day’s challenges. But, things took a turn when she realized that she could not get through her days without these substances. At 26, she admitted herself into a rehabilitation center. That marked the beginning of a new life for her. She would later become sober and venture into marketing.


Now being an expert in recovery, Doramus is sharing her experiences with individuals dealing with drug abuse, addiction, as well as self, hate among others. She is confident that she can help them overcome their struggles.

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Learn about Robert Ivy the 2018 winner of the Noel Pol Award

It is not easy to be recognized for your efforts and dedication. Many professionals never receive an award in their life because they may not work hard to hit the mark for recognition. Robert Ivy has shown outstanding performance in the field of architecture and this year he hit the mark for recognition. Robert Ivy became the 2018 winner of the coveted Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. The award is provided by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Currently, he works as the Vice President of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), and he is also the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Some others who have won the award are Eudora Welty and Morgan Freeman who have been outstanding in their career. The award only recognizes natives of Mississippi who have consistently shown a track an excellent track record in performance in the field of art.

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According to Nancy LaForge, Rober Ivy has done a lot in spreading architecture to the public, and that is why he deserved to be recognized. He was working with McGraw Hill where he served as the editor in chief before landing the job as the CEO of AIA. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy Architectural Record became global, and the journal won the National Magazine Award for being excellent. When he was a leader there, he also helped the company to expand to other parts of the world and even produced some copies in Mandarin.

While working at AIA, Robert Ivy has also been outstanding in everything he does. Today the organization has been privileged to have the most number of members since it began over a hundred years ago. He has also helped its expansion and today there are locations in Canada and China. Those are some of the contributions that enabled him to be recognized as a Master Architect. The recognition came from the American architect fraternity, and as a result, he was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Award. The title has been given to only seven architects hence it is one of the most coveted titles in the fraternity of architects.

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Ryan Seacrest Has A Long History In Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is a native of Dunwoody, Georgia, and he got into entertainment after moving to Los Angeles and working in radio. There are a lot of people who do not realize that he was working in radio for a long time before he was on American Idol, and his star has risen from there.

  1. The Radio Days

Ryan Seacrest is still a radio host in Los Angeles, but he started out behind the scenes before taking on his own show. He was chosen as a host on American Idol because is an influencer in the music business. People who listen to the radio in Los Angeles can move the needle on hits, and his time on American Idol sparked a cultural revolution that he was at the center of.

  1. American Idol

According to Business of Fashion, Ryan hosted the first season of American Idol with a co-host, and he was the solo host from there on out. He has taken the show over to ABC after it left Fox after a long run. In the meantime, he was doing a lot of other work in the entertainment field that put him in the forefront of live entertainment.

  1. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve

Ryan works extensively with Dick Clark Productions on their New Year’s Even broadcast and many other promotional events during the year. He is the face of the Dick Clark brand at this point, and he hosts for them because he has become a trusted partner.

  1. Production

Ryan starting the Keeping Up With The Kardashians craze, and he can take credit for much of their rise to fame. He still produces their show, and his production company has worked on other reality TV shows over the years.

  1. Conclusion

Ryan Seacrest is one of the icons of the entertainment world at this point because he is the face of LA radio, American Idol, and so many broadcasts that people watch during the year. He has done a lot of work on the production side of things, and he still has his radio show that many people hear every afternoon.

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