A Look At A Week Long Trial Of Wen

A woman named Emily McClure decided to sample Wen and try using it for a week. She recorded her results and even took photographs for an online publication called Bustle. The following is a short summary of Emily’s experience with using Wen for a week after daily use with the cleansing conditioner.

When Emily first got her bottle of Wen, she was surprised to read that Wen requires a lot more pumps than her regular shampoo. Although she didn’t use the recommend amount of pumps as stated on the packaging, she did have to use a lot more than her old shampoo. She said that people who plan on using Wen should realize that a cleansing conditioner will require a lot more of the product than your typical shampoo. This is because it is milder and you need more of the product to clean your hair effectively.

Emily McClure also remarked that the Wen does not lather as well as past shampoos that she has used. This is because Wen does not contain lathering agents that produce that nice soapy lather we have become accustomed to. Emily said that as she was showering she had to really work and scrub to get the hair throughout all of her strands. This is something else to keep in mind if you plan on using the Chaz Dean brand, http://chazdean.com/.

After her first use of Wen, Emily noticed that her hair become notably shinier and more voluminous. In fact, after a few days of using Wen every day, Emily went out on a date with some of her friends. During the date, Emily’s friend complimented her hair and said that it looked great and better than before. So Wen does give you shinier and more voluminous hair naturally. You do have to use it daily and make sure you use enough though to get those results concluded Emily at the end of her trial period.

For more product info, visit the Wen.com website and Facebook page.


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Julie Zuckerberg – Changing The World Of Business Through Talent Recruitment

Julie Zuckerberg is a well learned and skilled talent acquisition guru. Her education background played a major role in her career growth and development. She joined Deutsche Bank in 2014 April as the vice president executive recruiter and talent acquisition. For this position, she consulted with the company’s hiring managers for global talent acquisition and local. She also made sure that the process was in relation with CCAR. Julie put so much work and commitment to her work which showed her promoted to the lead executive talent acquisition in November 2015. She has shown her mastery for the work which has resulted in being given more executive and challenging problems to tackle for the organization.


Julie has worked with various other top achieving forms in the industry. Before joining Deutsche Bank, she worked as the lead experienced hire recruiter for New York Insurance Company. Her position saw her working alongside leaders and clients throughout the nation with agency businesses. She made sure that the relationships were maintained healthy and professional and also provided strategies that saw to it that recruiting was done in full cycle. She was also the vice president, executive recruiter and executive recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank. She was involved in dealing with complex hiring processes for talents that were associated with claw backs, equity buyouts and immigration. Between November 2002 and October 2007, she worked as the Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. She used her law degree and philosophy to recruit talents for the company which included attorneys, case managers and paralegals among others. Here, she also resolved conflicts among employees and made sure that the company complied with the state and federal laws.


All the companies that Julie has worked for are high end which means that her role clearly shown from the work output and performance of the employees hired and retained. She couches and counsels employees and helps them reach their maximum potential which is a motivation factor especially for career growth and development. She uses her degrees and experience interacting with others to help employees work and interact with one another without much conflicts. Julie Zuckerberg has created a name and reputation for herself as having an eye for talent and being able to nurture and mold talent to achieve their highest potential. Julie leads her company to appreciate talent and work hard to ensure that they are trained and retained.


Besides her busy schedule, Julie Zuckerberg works alongside communities’ leaders and organizations in charity organizations to help and touch lives. her compassion for the less privileged pushes her to volunteer her time and finances to help out. Additionally she enjoys art and technology and you will find her at art galas recognizing and appreciating talent. She has been heard proclaiming her love for great food and cuisines and pets.

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Hussain Sajwani: An Educated And Passionate Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a successful and educated entrepreneur. He has used a lot of wisdom and business knowledge in order to run a successful business. He has also used a lot of creativity in order to serve his clients and the community. For one thing, he has a heart for his people and he wants them to be able to experience a greater quality of life. This is one of the reasons that he has created many luxury properties. He gives people the opportunity to take some really fun vacations so that they will be able to be well rested.


The connections he has gained has come as a result of not only his work ethic and creativity, but also his willingness to network with others. When growing up, Hussain was someone who was very passionate about gaining knowledge and getting a degree so that he can work regular hours. Hussain has proven himself to be very ambitious. In 1982, he would realize his full sense of ambition when he would start his own business under the name of DAMAC.


It was with DAMAC that he has gotten to experience the greatest successes. Hussain also established a few other companies which include an investment company. Sajwani not only has shown that he has the ambition and the creativity in order to build many great resorts and other pieces of property but has also shown a lot of skills in financial management. Given his relationship with Trump, it comes as no surprise that he has a lot of success in the financial aspects of life. One thing to say for Hussain is that he keeps himself busy and is willing to take on new projects.

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Kelvin Seawright’s Contributions To The Public Service Sector

Kevin Seawright is the vice president and CEO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). His exceptional leadership and decision-making skills together with experience previously gained in other senior positions earned him this position.

His experience in the financial sector enables him to guide Newark city and the community in achieving better business objectives and assist small businesses as they strive to come up in Newark community.

Market Wired has it that Kevin Seawright apart from his managerial post at CEDC is the founder of RPS Solutions, a company that deals in the construction and renovation of houses in Baltimore. The company intends to increase the rate of home ownership in the area up to 48.3%. This move was designed to create stability in the economic environment by encouraging members of the community to invest in the homes, which were rather affordable.

Seawright has had a successful career over several years and can boast of several accomplishments. One such accomplishment is his transformation of revenue planning corporate processes. This move had great outcomes for contractors and subcontractors around the mid-Atlantic region.

He also achieved a 25% increase in annual returns projected for goods and services rendered as a result of his work in revenue enhancements.

According to Crunchbase, Kelvin Seawright also had a hand in strengthening Human Capital divisions. This particular accomplishment is quite appealing as it demonstrates his concern for the members of staff and their welfare. This served to boost staff morale, which led to better service delivery to the customers and overall better performance by the company.

Apart from the business scene, Kevin Seawright has shown a great deal of interest in working with the community to try to improve various systems.

He also quite social and actively shares positive posts on his tweeter account. He tweets about on-going projects in the community and shares his opinions on matters concerning sports. This creates an image of an approachable all rounded figure with a sincere need to help the community.

Learn more about more Kevin Seawright: https://twitter.com/kevinseawrightt

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Thor Halvorssen: Activist and Filmmaker

When people think about Thor Halvorssen, they tend to think about his work as an activist. However, he is also someone who is involved in the film industry. This does explain how he is able to get celebrities like Christian Bale working with him for the cause of human rights. Being an activist, he wants to be involved in human rights as much as possible. Therefore, he will make sure that the films and projects that he gets involved with are related to the issue that he is pursuing with human rights. A lot of great films had his hand in it.


Thor Halvorssen has worked with plenty of other filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino. He has produced films like Freedom’s Fury and The Singing Revolution. This shows that he is very willing to make his voice known in multiple mediums. This is very important. One thing that is very wise to do is try to meet people where they are. This is the best way to get people to know about the different issues in different countries where tyranny is still strong. Thor’s activism works very well in the film industry in that he has the right combination of being educating as well as entertaining.


Some of the best films will do more than just tell a good story. They will also teach people about the nature of humanity and even inspire them to make better choices about their lives. Good films can also warn people of a possible future that they can avoid. Often times, films about tyranny can serve to warn people of the dangers that could come as people get close to this type of rule. One thing that Thor is hoping to achieve is a world where equality and human rights is available all throughout the globe.


More visit: https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

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Avi Weisfogel’s Life Outside Dentistry

Avi Weisfogel is one of the most skilled dentist professionals in the United Sates. Because his life has been dedicated to the development of sleep apnea medical condition treatment, he has worked to meet the market needs in therapies. Sleep apnea is one of the killer diseases in the United States. According to a recent study, more than 90 percent of people suffering from the medical condition have no idea until they are diagnosed with the disease. As a matter of fact, most of these people are working to meet their daily needs in a matter of stability and purpose.

When Avi Weisfogel is not at work, his main hobby is watching hockey sport. He is a major fan of the New York Rangers Hockey Team in the country. He also enjoys following the news related to this tea. For all hey are planning to do, Avi Weisfogel always lends a helping hand as an investor and philanthropist in this category. According to this year’s program, the team wants to host a campaign to help the younger fans develop a higher interest in the team. For this reason, they will be inspired to continue in the sport and embrace this game with their hearts.https://ideamensch.com/avi-weisfogel/

The Hockey Camp scheduled to be open by the team will see their younger fans get training in the sport. This training is very necessary to ensure the sport has a wider fan base. As much as the fan base is very important, the team will also get better players who will be natured to play for the future of the sport in the country.  Or all the preceding years, the program has a combined effort to reach more than 10,000 students in the region.

According to the 2016 camp, they will also have the rarest opportunity and meet with the current hockey players. For this reason, they will get the necessary inspiration needed to adopt this sport with both vigor and favor.

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No Contract Required, Big Savings

FreedomPop prides itself on passing on no required cancellation fees and no required contracts to its mobile device and internet service patrons. FreedomPop it is a Los Angeles-based company that launched in 2012. According to a June 2015 article in “Fortune,”  it  anticipated having one million subscribers occur during the third quarter of 2016. It had raised $30 million in investment income from investor capital.


FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator, MVNO, which means that at a holsale price, paid to Sprint, it in turn purchases data capacity, SMS and data. Moreover, patrons may use FreedomPop devices or phones, or provide their own Sprint-compatible devices as a subscriber to FreedomPop. The sales model has been, “Swap your pricey carrier contract for a free mobile plan.”


Signing up with FreedomPop may be somewhat cumbersome. This, according to the author of “PT Money – FreedomPop Review (2017 update).”


One may purchase internet service, mobile and cell phone service from FreedomPop. The data packages for each are similar in cost. The free cell phone service, good for the first year, provides 500 MB of 4 GB of data, and 200 voice minutes. Generally, this is ample for browsing social media and checking email. When one exceeds their data limit, FreedomPop automatically adds a $10 charge to “top up” the plan to cover the added service. After the first year, monthly fees run about $11.00 for this package.


FreedomPop offers three programs for one to select from in order to earn increased MB of data.

– Invite others to join through Freedom Friends.

– Pay FreedomPop $0.02 per additional MB of data that is used.

– FreedomPop provides opportunities to complete offers, surveys and download software in exchange for free data. Participating vendors include third-party sources such as FreeCreditReport.


FreedomPop offers Unlimited Everything for mobile users and Premium GB for internet users for a monthly fee of about $20.00. Comparable packages are available for less. FreedomPop may be truly free to the one who is frugal and vigilant.

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The life, research and works of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny has helped in the advancement of aging through the hyperfunction theory. He has written several publications that center on aging and cancer. He has shown a keen interest in the field of aging. He has always strived to come up with solutions that can control cancer and aging on Nature. Mikhail believes that cancer can be cured through several enzymes and drugs. That is why he has been highly interested in the protein known as Rapamycin. He has published several articles that center on the use of this enzyme to treat cancer and aging. Mikhail’s commitment to his work and hard work has seen contribute highly to the field of oncology. He has grown to become one of the leading contributors of oncology and cancer in the world today. He says that he is driven by his love for humanity and a vision for a disease-free world.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s work with Rapamycin has seen him discover new facts about the enzyme. He led in the discovery that the enzyme is connected to various protein cells in the body. He realized that the complex proteins created by the enzyme assist in decreasing factors that cause aging. New Protein cells have been able to manage the behavior of other proteins known as Serine. It plays a significant role in the proliferation, growth and survival of cells.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is also popular for his publications that discuss the relationship which exists between aging and calorie restriction. The paper deals mainly with being immortal and the availability of anti-aging drugs. Blagosklonny’s other areas of research include the field of cancer and cancer therapies on gettingstronger.org. Mikhail Blagosklonny has strived to bring about cancer treatments that protect healthy cells from getting damaged. He has focused on aging by looking at factors causing aging and coming up with anti-aging drugs.

Most of the work published by Blagosklonny deals with research on human aging. He published an incredible article on Wikipedia in 2012 where he questioned the conventional belief that aging is a continuous process. He argued that the body repairs itself with time according to the hyperfunction theory. He explained that the same approach applies to human development.

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Placing Bets On The Ball- The Popular Endeavour Of NFL Betting

Sports betting in football are a common and very popular activity that people indulge in, and one that has been gaining more momentum over time. This endeavour takes places over the Internet through online betting websites or via bookmakers. Betting is further divided into different types of odds, which include the process of spread betting, whereby bookers define a ‘line’, which refers to the minimum expected the margin of victory required for bets to be made on a particular team to win. This is usually set for the favourite team or rather the team on which most people bet.

Spread betting is different from a common case of the definitive ‘win or lose’ for both teams, a practice that is carried out so that a balance can be created between bettors on both teams. Moreover, the aim of the booker is to increase the number of bets for the underdog team. Through spread betting, there are more chances for the people betting on the underdog to win. Other forms of betting odds include money line wagers and over/under.

One of the most popular kinds of sports betting is that of NFL betting, which has increasingly gained popularity over time. Before divulging into further details of the various kinds of betting odds, like Super Bowl odds, it is necessary to mention what odds are offered while betting on NFL games.

A notion known as the NFL point spread is one of the types of NFL odds that works just like the aforementioned spread betting, except these are not done for the whole game. The bookers determine half, halftime and quarter betting odds for NFL games. Other types of NFL odds include money line and over/under bets. Here, it must be mentioned that spread betting in any game is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is widely adopted and accepted as a form of financial investment.

While the art of sports betting might seem daunting, proper knowledge attained beforehand can go a long way. Aside from considering it to be an entertaining activity during the game season of the NFL or Super Bowl, many have made millions from this endeavour, which is nothing short of a lucrative and successful way of investing money. In my view, if proper effort is put into learning the NFL odds, or gaining the experience of using any other betting techniques, there is no saying how much bettors can make financially. Moreover, many experts offer advice over the Internet as to how much should be invested and where. This information can prove vital for amateur bettors. Furthermore, when betting online, it is necessary to join the best-ranked websites, the best of which is covers.com, can be used for placing bets on NFL/Super Bowl odds, and end up providing bettors with the most useful tips to make the best betting decisions.

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There’s Never A Bad Choice When Choosing A FreedomPop Wireless Plan

FreedomPop has the right to take pride in their services because they have truly become a force to be reckoned with over the years. With FreedomPop services being available in so many states, many are learning about the company for the first time and are connecting to their services because they’ll save a lot of money each month. It’s standard for a person to want to read through a FreedomPop review to get some important information about how the company operates and how the services work, and getting a review to read is easy enough because many of them are available online.


The phone services offered through FreedomPop have changed and have only become better since the company started in 2011. Even though the free service plan became a well-known plan, there are more people who have become interested in the unlimited everything plan for $19.99, which means they generally like to have a plan that allows them unlimited access to data, talk time, and text messages. This plan is offered by most of the top wireless services, but the cost of their plans can go up to $100 or even more. FreedomPop has other great phone plans too.


An unlimited plan that only costs $10.99 is available from FreedomPop with all the text messages that can be sent and all the talk time that can be used, but the data has a limit of 500 MB per month. The free service also has the 500 MB limit too but comes with 200 minutes and unlimited texts. FreedomPop is happy to offer several options for users who want to higher their data limit, such as allowing customers to fill out surveys or by completing offers that gives them free 4G LTE data.


FreedomPop has even created a great Wi-Fi service that’s available in millions of locations for only five dollars per month, and this unlimited service can be connected to any cell phone to give unlimited data at up to 4G LTE speeds. The only other option to get extra data for the unlimited plan and free plan is by paying for it at the cost of two cents per megabyte. Those who choose to utilize the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop should also know that using it on a smartphone will allow them to make phone calls, send text messages, and to use Internet data through the service.


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