Alex Pall’s Rosenzweig July 2016 Interview

Electronic dance music has a reputation of artists within that genre masking their personal identities and personal image while simply allowing their music to speak for itself regarding what type of person that artist is. While there are numerous of talented artists who fit this mold, there are other artists like Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers who do wish to weave a form of intimacy through the personalization of their dance music.

Alex Pall had always bear a passion for DJing and his early amateur music career consisted of gigs around New York City. Throughout the years, he always felt as if he needed more out of DJing and simply having it be a side hobby he pursued.

Pall met Taggart after their manager introduced them to one another. Initially, the duo started out studying the genre of electronic dance music and learned its craft through mimicking. Eventually, the pair decided to stop restricting themselves within the borders of one genre and to experiment with a mixture of indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop.

It is not a common occurrence for electronic artists to sing in their own songs, but Alex Pall pointed out that having him or Taggart sing is only sensible. Pall highlighted that the songs are essentially about the duo and having one of them sing their original lyrics is something that simply makes sense.

They are currently working on establishing their creative identity within the music industry and creating albums that illustrate a series of solid statements instead settling for three one hit wonders that have little to no correlation to each other.

When it comes to thinking of the best artists the pair wished to work with, Halsey is certainly sitting at the top of the list. Alex Pall described her as an artist with a unique and assertive voice. Her individuality and her strong sense of self is what made her an ideal musician to collaborate with.

Pall addresses that their audience is continuously expanding as they themselves strive to constantly improve as artists. He reveals the duo’s ambitions will only get bigger as they move forward.

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