National Steel Car and Greg Aziz’s Rise to the Top

Gregory James Aziz has made a name for himself in the railroad business in the past two decades. Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada, Aziz knew from an early age that he was able to read businesses and the climate of certain industries. He used this ability to earn himself a CEO role at National Steel Car, and in this role he helped to bring NSC back from the brink of bankruptcy.


Gregory J. Aziz graduated from the University of Western University in 1971. After finishing his Economics degree, he was brought into his family’s food distribution business, Affiliated Foods, as a low-level executive. Although he had not yet proved himself in the business world, Greg Aziz was confident that he would be able to live up to everyone’s expectations of him. In fact, he surpassed them.


In his 16 years at Affiliated Foods, Gregory James Aziz managed to bring the Company from being a small, local food distribution company operating mainly within its home province to a large, international food distribution network. He worked with importers and exporters around the world to bring in new and different types of foods that customers would want. He used his connections throughout Canada and the United States to build business and expand distribution. Now that he knew he could make it in business, Aziz was looking for a new challenge, and the rapidly declining railroad industry was the right fit for him.


In 1994, Gregory James Aziz purchased National Steel Car, a then local manufacturer of railroad cars and rolling stock. The company was in shambles when he purchased it. It had been bought and sold by numerous companies that stripped it of equipment and capital. Not only that, but with so many previous owners all having their own strategic plan, management was confused and did not have a clear direction. Aziz changed all of this.


Using the same methods that he used at Affiliated Foods, he expanded the distribution network and made National Steel Car an international player. He invested much-needed capital into the business and hired over 2,000 additional workers. He increased plant capacity by over 300 percent and changed the chief strategy of the Company from building low-cost railcars to building a high-quality vehicle for customers. Now National Steel Car is one of the only manufactures of rolling stock left in North America, and with over $200 million in revenue coming in every year, it is not going anywhere. That is all thanks to Gregory J. Aziz. See This Article for additional information.



Larkin and Lacey: Arpaio’s Pardon Outrage

The article, “The Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio: Newspapermen Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak Out in Response to Donald Trump’s Pardon of America’s Worst Sheriff” by Stephen Lemons discusses a truth that many Americans are still reeling from, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pardoned for his blatant violation of sanctions imposed by the Melendres V. Arpaio. This 2007 lawsuit was filed as a result of rampant racial profiling promoted throughout the department in an effort to increase deportation.

Individuals were being stopped illegally based on nothing more than their appearance and harassed. In addition to the 70 million awarded in damages, the court also appointed a monitor and called for an overhaul of practices. Arpaio was found to not be in compliance with this order and was charged with contempt of court.

After he was sentenced, President Donald Trump stepped in and issued a pardon for the former sheriff to the outrage of many individuals. Throughout his tenure with the Maricopa County Police Department, Arpaio had cultivated a very harsh reputation.

Instead of being known as “America’s toughest sheriff”, his original goal, he became known as a corrupt tyrant. His famous tent city solution to overcrowding earned him a national reputation, as inmates were exposed to poor living conditions and there was even a reported spike in suicide rates compared to other counties.

Phoenix New Times creators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were not afraid to report on Arpaio’s exploits. Their tenacity soon drew the ire of the department and they found their requests for information slowed and their reporters banned from press conferences.

In one such instance of reporting, Lacey and Larkin’s paper was taking a hard look into Arpaio’s land holdings. It became apparent that Arpaio owned a slice of land valued at over 700,000 thousand dollars with a salary of only 78,000 thousand a year. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

It felt very weird that Arpaio was able to afford the slice of land so readily and throughout the course of publication, Arpaio’s, well-known, address was published on the Phoenix New Times’ website. This resulted in a broad subpoena being delivered to Larkin and Lacey which they quickly shared with their readers. To Arpaio, this was the last straw and he ordered his deputies to arrest the media titans in their homes on October 18th, 2007.

The public quickly criticized his actions and the county attorney had no choice but the release Larkin and Lacey soon after their arrest. The outrage quickly mounted, and the two men sued the Maricopa County Police Department. This resulted in a settlement of 3.75 million dollars.

Larkin and Lacey had always been a champion for their readers, so when they received this settlement they knew exactly who should benefit from it, the subject members of the Melendres V. Arpaio case.

Today through the Frontera fund set up by Larkin and Lacey, members of Arizona’s migrant population benefit from well-funded programs that support them in obtaining legal assistance, deportation aid, and even job training. Truly the Frontera fund is a bright spot, after the low blow that is the pardon of Joe Arpaio.

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Entrepreneurship has taken root in the current society for various reasons. Both the young entrepreneurs and the 50’s veterans have their own diversified perspectives on entrepreneurship. Most veterans ventured into the field with a view of becoming their own bosses while most young ones take up on entrepreneurship in quest of popularity as well as self-fulfillment. This field is however faced with numerous difficulties, but even then, entrepreneurs have developed specific mannerisms for survival. They have been bequeathed with values and skills like commitment, risk-taking, and perseverance among others. These skills help most entrepreneurs to get through the numerous hurdles they face. It is with this strong-will that most entrepreneurs have risen to scale the heights of success. Entrepreneurship is, therefore, a journey for the noble and determined man.


In the realm of entrepreneurship, technology has been incorporated giving rise to “technopreneurship.” Todd Lubar, an erudite from Syracuse University had immense interest in technology and growth. With his experience in the real estate industry, he came up with the Smart Homes Technology. Todd has innovated efficient and effective home systems favorable for all and sundry.


The smart homes technology entails the use of smartphones or computers in controlling and monitoring one’s home. It majorly employs speech as its basic mode of function. One talks to their own homes with the issuance of commands on what needs to be done.


This technology is viral and universal. It has been adopted by numerous people all over the world. Smart Homes Technology is life-changing. It has improved the security aspects in homes because most people have their home under strict 24hour surveillance. Over the years, the disabled have been disadvantaged when it comes to handling the normal activities at home. They have struggled with the daily mundane chores and even the occasional duties around the home. However, with the innovation of this technology, they are now able to attend to their own needs like the rest of us. This has reduced the stigma associated with the less fortunate of such kind. The effectiveness of this technology has lured most building companies into adapting it in their systems.


What is good never comes easy. Todd Lubar has been working tirelessly to ensure his idea is a success and to emerge a successful entrepreneur. He patiently worked with the mortgage industry from where he acquired his unparalleled experience in real estates. Being an industrious man, Mr. Lubor founded the TDL global ventures company, where he is president. Under his leadership, the company has expanded such that it realizes profits from all kinds of homes. His company has been thriving due to teamwork.Mr. Lubar engages all his employees in coming up with favorable ideas for smart homes. Through his constant interaction with his employees, most of them have been able to realize their goals. Check out LinkedIn to see more.


Inspiration is the match that rekindles human potential. Lubar has always been motivated by his dire passion to help others. He has always wanted to create an avenue via which people can easily get what they want. This inspired him to found his existent company. In addition to that, Mr. Lubar uses his ambition and goals as motivation to keep working when the going gets tough. He associates himself with other renown entrepreneurs who have nurtured him to the person he is now. Indeed, Iron sharpens iron.Mr. Lubar advises any upcoming entrepreneur to always work smart and maintain a good company. You can visit his Instagram page.



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