Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall: A Perfect Alternative

Since 1989, the residents of Joao Pessoa have been enjoying an all-in-one Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall introduced a new concept in the Mall industry by providing fun activities for the families.



Robert Santiago established the Mall in 1989. Robert is an entrepreneur in Joao Pessoa, and he has ventured into different business activities. However, the Manaira Shopping Mall seems to be his greatest success yet. Robert had a vision of providing the citizens of Joao Pessoa with a place not only for shopping but fun. He launched the project in 1987, but it took two years for the Mall to be completed.



Food Court



The Mall was inaugurated in 1989; however, improvements have been made over the years. One of the significant changes that have been done has been the Food Court. The Mall has a Gourmet area that contains a steak area and a burger house. The food court area has a unique design, and it includes different food joints with various cuisines.






Manaira Shopping Mall is a fun filled space for both the kids and the adults. The Mall includes an amusement park that houses over 200 gaming machines. They have also included a ballroom in the Mall. The best addition has been the Cinepolis which includes different cinemas. All the movie theaters have been fitted with State-of-art technology and screens. They also contain recliner seats for the perfect viewing of the screen. The cinema hall includes a bar and gourmet popcorn.



There is a bowling alley with six tracks. The alley provides an environment for you to bond with your friends. The alley is close to the strike bar where you can chill and enjoy various drinks and cocktails.



Manaira Mall has provided a play area for the children. The Pirlimpimpim provides the perfect environment for the children to play and also interact with other kids. The management has employed two managers and also 24 supervisors to monitor the children. The children will need a passport to access the play area. You can get the weekly passports or the monthly ones for easy access.



The Mall introduced the largest concert hall in Joao Pessoa in 2009. The Domus Hall established eight years ago with the aim of providing the artists with a channel to entertain and also showcase their skills. The Hall is located on the roof of Manaira Mall, and it comes with two distinct floors. It has the ground floor and the Mezzanine. The Mezzanine comes with s private cabin and lounge. It also has dressing rooms. The Ground floor is spacious, and it can house around 8,000 people. The space has been used for various occasions including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays among others.



Brazilian Publicist, Jose Henrique Borghi is Interviewed by Panorama Mercantil Magazine

Jose Henrique Borghi was asked by Panorama Mercantil Magazine where he sees marketing heading in the future. Mr. Borghi answered that sees marketing headed towards a single unified platform. He says he sees a combination of media, content, business and personal life in advertising. The road to it he also believes is a strong trend that we are seeing nowadays and more information click here.

Panorama Mercantil Magazine stated that Jose Henrique Borghi is now considered to be one of the most influential publicists in all of Brazil. The magazine then asked Mr. Borghi what he thought of holding such a title and if it had any impact on him? Jose Henrique Borghi replied that he simply works hard at his job and tries to stay humble. He also tries to stay grounded and not let the fame or fortune make him seem better than he really is. Jose Henrique Borghi also believes he is still far from Brazilian advertising legends such as Júlio Ribeiro and Washington Olivetto and Borghi on Facebook.

Mr. Borghi was asked about his two most famous campaigns and the new ads he created. His most famous marketing campaigns included a Parmalat stuffed animals ad featuring children and the Sazón seasoning advertisement featuring a Brazilian hit folk song. He was asked that when he creates new advertisements now does he think that they will will become as popular as his two best ones?

Jose Henrique Borghi does not believe all the ads he will create will be as popular as the Sazon or Parmalat stuffed animal ads. Most of the time, the ads you create will not very popular he added. He says that it is very rare to have an ad go so viral and become so popular as it did with the case of Sazon and Parmalat. He credits hard work and the seizing of opportunities to his great success with those two ads in particular and learn more about Borghi.

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Kevin Seawright And His Leadership Abilities

Kevin Seawright is a business operation leader known for his ability in the strategic vision of businesses and capability to command new business possibilities. Garnering over 10 years of experience, Seawright has the necessary knowledge about managerial and financial dealings that numerous in the field lack.

Kevin Seawright’s ability to steer others to an individual goal is likely one of his most crucial attributes. The business field simply doesn’t have many individuals who have the ability to lead others into a focused goal. For example, Seawright turned the Human Capital Divisions’ management team from providing minimal effort to a maximum in his short time there; it led to an enjoyable sale for all the members.

Those in the same position as Seawright would have struggled mainly because of the strategic input necessary to be able to divert the course of an entire team. In addition to being a leader, Seawright possesses rare talents with financial holdings. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Throughout his life, Seawright was able to gain towering returns for the projects that he worked with. For example, in a revenue enhancement project, Seawright was able to correctly foretell the company’s annual returns by up to 25%.

Success isn’t a dubious word for Seawright because he has had his fair share of capital. He held prestigious positions including as a Fiscal Officer, Budget Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, and more. In addition, Seawright was he was responsible for almost $400 million in the state, city, and private fundings.

Kevin Seawright is a great business leader; there is no debate as to it. However, he is also great because of his need to help communities prosper. Without Seawright’s help, there would be many individuals living in the slums of large cities. His presence creates an environment for productive people to exist.

Seawright’s work in the field of management and finance has led to him being selected for awards such as the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the Future in 2010. Today, Kevin Seawright holds the position as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Community Economic Development in Newark, NJ.

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Newark economic development group names CFO

The Beginning Of Sawyer Howitt’s Career In Racquetball

There is a young man from Portland, Oregon who is gaining the attention of the world in the sport of Racquetball. Sawyer Howitt became interested in Racquetball while he was attending Lincoln High School.

He has started sharing his talents with the Portland Racquet Club and his game continues to improve. His skill has caught the attention of the national scene. As he continued to play and his skills heightened he gained the experience necessary to enter the national scene and many people believe it is only a question of time before Sawyer Howitt becomes an official member of the national team.

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Sawyer Howitt’s presence became established during the State Racquetball Championships for his high school in Oregon. Although he failed to win the trophy in 2015 the match he played was considered to be outstanding. His opponent was Eric Poppleston who was one of his upper class men. Despite his loss this is when it became obvious Sawyer Howitt had the necessary skills to become a viable contender in numerous events on the 2017 schedule for the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Sawyer Howitt has frequently been matched up in the National Doubles of 2015 with finalists including both John Curley and Gavin Usher. He attended Lincoln High School with both of these men. Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball games is continuing to mature at a steady pace. The possibility of him being marked as a representative for the Racquet Club of Portland is becoming more and more certain as time passes. His numerous fans should prepare themselves to see him surface on the rankings for the National Racquetball scene. Sawyer Howitt’s career in Racquetball is gaining in momentum.

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Jim Tananbaum the CEO of Foresite Capital; improving healthcare with investments

The brain is one of the most intriguing parts of the human body. It interprets neurons and helps in almost running all of the body functions. Mindstrong Health is a start-up company funded by Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optimum Ventures, and One Mind Brain Impact Fund to a tune of $14 million in Series A funding. It is developing a neurological –focused device to monitor the patterns of interaction of smart-phone devices to the objective measure of brain activity. This serves to improve mental health care by developing a better intervention. For this to happen, Mindstrong CEO Paul Dagum appreciates the support he got from his investment partners who believed in his strategy to help with the brain research. One of the most notable investors is Jim Tananbaum. Visit ideamensch to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is a renowned investor who has taken an interest in investing in healthcare. In the last 25 years, he has spent his investments on health care franchises in all areas of healthcare economy. He was the co-founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals which brought two drugs to market and was later purchased for a whopping $1.6 billion. He has also cofounded Theravance Inc. and Prospect Venture Partners. He is now the CEO of Foresite Capital. He has played a vital role in Foresite Capital investment organization structure and investment strategy making it manage approximately $1.1 billion worth of assets. Foresite Capital head office is in San Francisco with another office in New York. He has also invested in companies such as Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. He also sits on the board of directors with companies such as Tarsa Pharmaceuticals and Peloton Pharmaceuticals.

According to INC42, Jim is a well-educated guy. He holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jim also has a B.S. and B.S.S.E. from Yale University. He has also served on the advisory boards to the Harvard-MIT HST program and Yale School of Engineering. He also has an M.S. from MIT. With such an impression is no wonder he has been on the Midas List of Top Tech Investors for three years and running. With these contributions to the healthcare, Jim Tananbaum is on the way to revolutionize healthcare in the world if he hasn’t yet already.


Success Academy; the Network Where Learning Matters

Eva Moskowitz, the founder, and CEO of Success Academy had only two goals when founding the school. One of them was to open high-performance institution while at the same time develop or improve American education. Ms. Moskowitz launched the largest charter school network in New York City 10 years ago. She said a recent interview that there would be a new online platform that is focused on expanding the footprints of the network beyond the perimeters of the school district. It is the largest charter school network in the city considering it has more than 41 schools accommodating more than 14,000 students. 76% of the total population in Success Academy are students that are low-income whereas 93% is made up of African-American and Hispanic students.


The elementary and middle schools of Success Academy managed to be among the top ten percent of campuses in the state in 2016. Ms. Moskowitz attributes the success of the network to focus on developing the literacy of the learners. They intend to focus on this with their new websites which constitute instructional videos, book references, and other relevant learning paraphernalia. The school invests its time in handpicking special books that it would store in its libraries. The school management all over the network recently unveiled a new free portal. This is directed to offer free access to the curriculum and teacher development strategies that are used at the Success Academy schools all over the network. The founder, Ms. Moskowitz, said that the school is feeling the pressure to be a part of the solution to those kids who are stuck in institutions where they are not taught to read and write and lack a slight of the basic level science and mathematics.


The network is determined to open a training institution for teachers at its headquarters in Manhattan. The institution is to have a lab school for learners in kindergarten through to the eighth grade. The schools have clubs where students form groups to discuss various matters ranging from racial inequality to social justice. Ever since its foundation in 2006, the network has grown gradually employing quality teachers to cater for the growing number of students over the years. That makes the network well equipped through its schools to provide quality education for the children in the institutions.

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How George Soros Will Impact American Politics

Historians are going to look back at the 2016 Presidential Election in America and call it one of the most defining moments in the history of the country. Americans saw their country torn apart by the divisive rhetoric of one party while the other tried desperately to maintain the high ground. Lost in the hubbub by some, but not all, was the return of George Soros. Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the planet as well as one of the most successful investors to ever operate in the United States. Soros, a devout progressive and combatant for social justice, felt compelled to re-enter the political fray in order to oppose the disgusting rhetoric put forth by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

We can go back to 2004 to see George Soros in his prime as he worked to elect Al Gore in a harrowing election race against incumbent President George W. Bush. During this electoral race Soros would spend nearly $27 million in order to help set up Gore for success. It would take a controversial finish, Florida, and ‘recount!’ to put the final nail in the coffin. Soros decided to take a step back and stop putting so much money into politics, at least until 2016. Soros felt compelled to re-enter the political machine when he saw the rise in rhetoric of Donald Trump. Trump loudly proclaimed and fought against everything that Soros had spent his life establishing as his cause. This caused Soros to leap in and immediately back Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

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When Soros re-entered the political fray during the 2016 Presidential Election he immediately put his money where his mouth was. Michael Vachon, a political adviser to George Soros, stated: “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” Vachon goes on to cite the hostility encouraged by Donald Trump as well as the platform that the man supported which subverted some of Soros’ most important ideals: immigration reform, religious tolerance and criminal justice reform. So, to put it lightly: George Soros was here to make an impact. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros would come in and donate nearly $25 million to a variety of different candidates during the 2016 election, including a giant $7 million to a Clinton PAC — Priorities USA Action. Soros also gave $2 million to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC which focused on opposition research that targeted Donald Trump and other Republicans as well as another $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC.

George Soros was born in Hungary and there he was raised before he had to flee the country during the Nazi occupation. Soros worked his way as a laborer while attending the London School of Economics. Eventually he would make his way to America where he would start the Soros Hedge Fund. Learn more on about George Soros.

Hussain Sajwani has Amazing Business Vision

Hussain Sajwani is a dynamic business leader with great vision and great success. He’s played an instrumental role in the Damac Group. He is their Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the visionary who has helped put Dubai on the map with its world-class luxury developments. The Damac owner quickly understood the importance of the government decree which for the first time allowed foreigners to own property in the United Arab Emirates. With his nose for business, he saw foreigners as the principal buyers for his envisioned luxury apartments. It has led him to an extraordinary career.

Starting on land that was undeveloped he was able to sell every unit of his proposed development before they were constructed. With this modest start, Damac has grown into a luxury powerhouse which has almost single-handedly made Dubai into a shining, upscale city. Dubai, with its luxury and attractions, now rivals any city on earth as a must-experience destination. Hussain Sajwani was a critical player in bringing about this result.

Count Donald Trump as a fan of Hussain Sajwani and his Damac Group. They have had a long-term prosperous relationship in their business dealings. Together they have embarked upon developing two Trump branded golf courses. The Akoya residential development, a Damac Group property, is home to Trump International Golf Course Dubai which opened in February of 2017. There is also a Tiger Woods designed golf course slated to open in 2018 which is also a collaboration between Trump and Hussain Sajwani.

Before Hussain Sajwani and Damac Group reached the spotlight with their luxury developments, Sajwani started in the food service industry where he served the US military and the huge construction firm called Bechtel. He still owns and operates the food service business.

Damac Group and Hussain Sajwani are also active in the philanthropic realm. They support charities which focus on the health and well-being of children. They have supported humanitarian efforts as well in the wake of natural disasters in the region. One example of this was the rare winter storm called Huda which struck in Jordan and Lebanon. Their outreach involved a sizeable donation for those displaced and homeless as a result of this unfortunate occurrence.

The Hussain Sajwani family has a history of entrepreneurialism. Sajwani’s father owned a store and his mother sold goods to local ladies from their home. He learned first-hand from his family about the successes and failures that an entrepreneur faces. He’s truly soared to fantastic heights.

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