The Dedication of Scott Rocklage in Drug Development and Healthcare Management

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is an expert in strategic healthcare management and leadership, possessing more than 20 years of experience in both the management and clinical aspects of medicine and drug development. He currently works at 5AM Ventures, as a Managing Partner. He joined the firm as a venture partner in 2003. Together with the company, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage specializes in drug development and product discovery.


His leadership skills have led to the FDA-approval of 3 new drug applications successfully, as well as entering multiple drug entries into clinical trials. Dr. Rocklage has published more than 100 works reviewed by industry peers and has a hand in the development of more than 30 patents.


As a venture capital firm, 5AM Ventures specializes in early stage companies dealing with life sciences, biopharmaceutical technologies, and medical research and development. The firm has specialized in the process of company formation, hence the emphasis on early stage ventures. 5AM Ventures implements a strategy to invest in new businesses or entities with validated later-stage technologies. The firm has a diversified portfolio of investments in sectors such as corporate spin-offs, platform technologies, and products with a short development cycle.


Educational Background

Dr. Rocklage holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley. He also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from where he earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry and more information click here.


While at MIT, he had the pleasure of conducting his research in the laboratory of the 2005 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Richard R. Schrock.


Work Experience

Dr. Rocklage has extensive experience in medical research and development, as well as healthcare management working for companies such as Catalytica, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, EntreMed, Ilypsa, Nycomed Salutar, Nycomed Interventional, and Relypsa and contact him.


Over the years, he has been in control of highly successful teams that have gathered more than $500 million in seed capital and funding. Dr. Rocklage is also responsible for the successful IPO and follow-up financing for Cubist Pharmaceuticals.


Board Memberships and Nonprofit Donations

He currently serves as a board member of Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, Pulmatrix, Rennovia, and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. Dr. Rocklage is also an active contributor to the Sudbury Valley Trustees and the U.S Lacrosse Foundation.


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Sam Boraie: The Vice President of Boraie Development LLC

Sam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development which is a real estate company that is based in New Jersey. He is also the son of its founder and CEO, Omar Boraie. He has a keen interest in real estate and philanthropy having foreseen and supported multiple development projects in New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie as the Premier of Boraie Development

Under the exceptional leadership of Boraie as the Vice President of Boraie Development, the company has made tremendous progress. It has built many successful projects in New Brunswick, In spite of being the pillar of urban development in this community, it has still initiated development in Newark and Atlantic City.

It collaborated with Shaquille O’Neil, a famous basketball star to build a high-rise residential building which was the first in Newark in a period of 50 years. The company also built a movie theater and market rate housing as a result of the same collaboration.

Elijah’s Promise

Elijah’s Promise is a volunteer organization that purposes to help the poor by providing them with food and alleviates hunger in New Jersey. Sam Boraie is a member of its Advisory Board, and together they avail healthy foods to the poor. They also create businesses that empower people to acquire and sustain employment. He is a leader who values giving back to his society.

The State Theatre of New Jersey

Sam Boraie is an individual from a leading group of Trustees in the State Theatre of New Jersey alongside other business people. The theater highly depends on donations that Boraie and Boraie Development are more than willing to make to support its events.

It is the Epitome of culture in the New Brunswick community putting on many different shows and productions every year. It is during this time that the people get a chance to showcase their culture and nurture their talents.

According to The New York Times, Boraie Development will collude with other organizations to sponsor film screenings for the children during the 2017 summer.

Sam Boraie is an example of a contemporary leader who has the well-being of his community on top of his priority list. He is kind and isn’t hesitant to help those who need him.

CEO On The Rise: Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is a for-profit manufacturer and producer of high-end prison technology based in Dallas, Texas with regional offices in the cities of Carrollton and Allen, Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia. The Securus company hires about 1,000 employees and has been officially reported having documented contracts with 2,600 correctional institutions in the United States. Known for their state of the art call management and communications systems for correctional and detainment facilities, the reach of this companies influence and business even reach over the American borders and into parts of Canada. All the while boosting its value with over a net worth of $600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions in no less than 3 years. Securus has truly become made its self-known a one of the more profitable and consistent. Even inmates and their close associates and family member can benefit from the wide range of payment products and communication services that have been created to maximize the ideal opportunities for connecting with friends and loved ones. All these programs have been funded by multiple representatives for convenient channel access. The Facilities that benefit from the contemporary and comprehensive lineup of advanced technological solutions implemented within the patented Secure Call Platform (SCP), which allows for a facility personnel to respond or

look into an administrative issue, manage fraudulent claims, and investigative the technology aspects that support Securus’ revenue generating products and services has been completely unrivaled by the various other companies in the operate within the same field. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

However what is a company without its dedicated and hardworking employees along with the seasoned guidance of its Executives and CEOs. Staff members such as

Rick Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies since 2008, June 23rd. Smith’s extensive background, knowledge of the inner workings of companies and exceptional track record from his role as an Eschelon Telecom’s President and COO as well as its Chief Financial Officer, have clearly crafted him into a more than deserving man for the title of CEO. Before Smith was even involved in any sort of detainment technology career, he was on the verge of graduating from the University of Rochester with his MBA, Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Mathematics along with his Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Smith’s pursuit of more knowledge didn’t stop there, however, with Smith obtaining his Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Stat University of New York and his associate’s Degree at the Rochester Institue of Technology. From that point on Rick Smith was able to apply for and maintain various positions at Global Crossing North America Incorporated. The 65-year-old CEO remains Securus Technologies owner til this day. Read more on

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Mike Baur and His Career Accomplishments

Education and career background

Mike Baur is an eminent business personality and entrepreneur in the Swiss. He helped establish the Swiss Startup Factory and is its current managing partner. Mike brought with him over 20 years of experience, having served in the Swiss’ private banking sector such as the UBS where he served in the capacity of a commercial apprentice. His diligence and commitment saw him rise to the position of an executive member in one of the top Swiss Private Banks. He began his entrepreneurial endeavors in 2014 when he was around 39 years. Mike joined forces with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to establish Switzerland’s top startup accelerator. He identified an opportunity where individuals with exceptional business ideas but have no resources get the chance to be nurtured. By beginning the Swiss Startup Factory, he provided an opportunity to future business owners to be educated on creating digital startups. Having earned MBA from the University of Rochester, New York in addition to his executive MBA from the University of Bern, he is equipped with the right skills and experience to reinforce his leadership aptitude.

Mike Baur’s career achievements

Under the leadership of Baur, Swiss Startup Factory has collaborated with other financial industry leaders such as CTI Invest; a move that saw Baur get elected as CTI Invest’s Deputy Managing Director. He also organized and foresaw the accelerator program between his company and Goldbach Group. He has, over time, invested in numerous businesses in Switzerland both financially as well as mentoring the owners. Swiss Startup Factory’s clients benefit from a three-month accelerator program during which time they receive training, a Zurich-based office space, financial support and investor links to enable them to realize their goals. Examples of startups that have benefited from such include Beaconsmind, Diabird, and Fitonic AG.

Under Mike’s leadership, the company is set towards more involvement of business ventures that are investor viable so as to offer his assessments and coach them as they grow. Subsequently, Swiss Startup Factory has joined forces with Fintech accelerator program in Geneva. It is indeed outstanding that one of the Leonteq’s founders has chosen to join the Swiss Start-Up Factory to guide and invest in upcoming businesses. The Swiss Startup Venture Day has also been redesigned so as to accommodate more startups, thus giving more entrepreneurs a chance to air their ideas. Through Mike, the Swiss business sector has found a way to make the most of the many lucrative opportunities in the digital arena.



EOS Lip Balm and the Connection to Celebrities

EOS Lip Balm leads the way as one of the most popular companies, but this is just a recent leadership role. Some people may wonder how this is possible all of a sudden when this company has been around since 2009. It is clearly not an overnight success, but the success in this company has much to do with the acknowledgement from the celebrities that are favoring this brand over Blistex and Chapstick.

There is always going to be a push for people to consider something that is new. When Christina Aguilera or Demi Lovato started getting photographed using EOS Lip Balm the fans of these singers took note. When people would see these advertisements in Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan a large number of consumers were curious about the EOS Lip Balm flavors, All of these things would totally transform the way that people were seeing this lip balm. This is what the founders of EOS has to do. They knew very Well that they had to create a company that would look and feel different than any of the other companies that were selling lip balm. This is why it is important for this company to acknowledge the different relationship with celebs like Miley Cyrus. This can be a gateway to a much better fan base.

EOS found Craig Dubitsky knew that there was a chance that customers would connect with this company if he just has the right marketing campaign in place. He knew that the more than 2 million Facebook likes over the years – coupled with a great amount of celebrity buzz – would fuel a company that could compete with Chapstick. It did not matter if Chapstick has led in the past. EOS would evolve as a company that catered to a young fan base that valued celebrity endorsements.

Blaire’s Wealth Solutions Helps you to Plan for your Retirement

A business needs an adaptive and reliable financial strategy to cope with the ever-changing financial market environments. As such most firms seek the most conservative and yet dynamic investment solutions opportunity to minimize market fluctuation risks.

Wealth Solutions Investment Advisory Firm, Inc offers investment advice to various small and individual owned enterprises in Austin Texas, Houston, New Braunfels, Georgetown, Bastrop and Marble Falls.

Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions offers investment advice with the aim of bringing significant and positive diversity in the lives of the individual, small business owners, and families. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions recognizes that most people approaching the retirement stage need to proper preparation.

Most people wish to develop steady income and preserve wealth that leaves the better legacy for the family successors. As such, Blaire’s Wealth Solutions helps such customers to develop the most comprehensive financial plan that will contribute to pursuing individual retirement goals. As a fully registered company, Wealth Solutions offers its clients with the most personalized and comprehensive financial planning.

Under Blair’s leadership, the company has served many customers in its two-decade operations period. Richard Blair is the brains behind his business’s success. He was motivated into the corporate finance world by his firsthand teaching and education experience.

His previous family members were all teachers, and it is from here that he developed the confidence and courage to educate others on matters related to financial planning. With this combined financial, natural gift and experience he perceived the need to assist various people in investments and financial planning.

Following his College graduation, Richard Blair ventured into the financial services industry. He initially started the Wealth Solutions independent firm to present clients with objective, no interest conflicts, and unbiased advice.

Over the years, he has been improving his retirement planning experience and knowledge. He thus fully specialized into helping clients decrease the planning and retirement living gap. He has helped many clients to avoid pitfalls innate with prescribing and standard working strategies.

According to Crunchbase, The professional team at Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is committed to building lasting client relationships and is honest, uncompromising and passionate in the search for company excellence.

Customers approaching and planning for retirement can contact the company on [email protected] to develop a steady retirement, preserve wealth, income and leave a permanent legacy. The firm is always ready to develop the most comprehensive financial plan that will help clients to pursue retirement goals.

Entrepreneurs Like Doe Deere Develop Habits For Success

There are tons of habits that help an entrepreneur make the decisions that are helpful to the success of the company. Each entrepreneur has a different set of habits that are very successful. However, there are also common habits that influence the success of each entrepreneur as he moves forward with the type of work he wants to do. Also, the types of habits needed for success depend on the type of work that he is doing. If one is just being a freelance writer, then he may a need a different set of habits compared to when one is running a business of his own.


Doe Deere runs a fully successful business. Therefore, she has managed to develop some habits that are helpful to her and her business. Among the habits that she has is remembering what her brand and company stands for. Sometimes, business owners can forget what they stand for. Often times, this is the very belief and convictions that started the business to begin with. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of all of the different things going on. Doe Deere takes the time to make sure that she doesn’t forget. After all, the purpose behind her business is what drives the quality of the products.


Doe Deere also makes sure that she has a complete understanding of her customers. After all, it is the customers that determine whether or not the business survives. Therefore, she has to make sure that she is supply her customers what they want so that they will be satisfied. She also takes the time to listen to her customers so that she has a better understanding of what they want. Businesses that take this approach are more likely to deepen their relationship with their customers.


Doe Deere is someone who is more relationship oriented when it comes to her customers. She understands the importance of building trust. She also understands that customers like to feel valued. Therefore, if they don’t feel as if they are welcome, then they are going to go to another store to buy their products.


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