A Look At A Week Long Trial Of Wen

A woman named Emily McClure decided to sample Wen and try using it for a week. She recorded her results and even took photographs for an online publication called Bustle. The following is a short summary of Emily’s experience with using Wen for a week after daily use with the cleansing conditioner.

When Emily first got her bottle of Wen, she was surprised to read that Wen requires a lot more pumps than her regular shampoo. Although she didn’t use the recommend amount of pumps as stated on the packaging, she did have to use a lot more than her old shampoo. She said that people who plan on using Wen should realize that a cleansing conditioner will require a lot more of the product than your typical shampoo. This is because it is milder and you need more of the product to clean your hair effectively.

Emily McClure also remarked that the Wen does not lather as well as past shampoos that she has used. This is because Wen does not contain lathering agents that produce that nice soapy lather we have become accustomed to. Emily said that as she was showering she had to really work and scrub to get the hair throughout all of her strands. This is something else to keep in mind if you plan on using the Chaz Dean brand, http://chazdean.com/.

After her first use of Wen, Emily noticed that her hair become notably shinier and more voluminous. In fact, after a few days of using Wen every day, Emily went out on a date with some of her friends. During the date, Emily’s friend complimented her hair and said that it looked great and better than before. So Wen does give you shinier and more voluminous hair naturally. You do have to use it daily and make sure you use enough though to get those results concluded Emily at the end of her trial period.

For more product info, visit the Wen.com website and Facebook page.


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