Norman Pattiz’s Announcement of the Launch of a New Show

Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. He recently announced the launch of a new podcast named ‘Beyond the Darkness.’ It will be the brand new show on the historic Chris Jericho’s podcast network on It will feature enlightening discussions with renowned researchers and experts challenging on everything we think we know about ghosts, ghouls, demons, angels, mysteries, and miracles. Author and radio host Dave Schrader, and radio producer and host Tim Dennis will be hosting the podcast. New episodes of the show will be released every Monday on PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.


Jericho was excited about the announcement of ‘Beyond the Darkness’ to The Jericho Network. According to him, Schrader and co-host Dennis are at the prime of the paranormal broadcasting industry. He strongly believes that they will significantly increase the fan base of the network.


On another note, Pattiz has expressed confidence in Jericho by saying that he knew his network would advance to more than just wrestling. He further praised Jericho and described him as one of the jewels of PodcastOne network. The PodcastOne network list of personalities and brand includes Shaquille O’Neal, Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Austin, Gabrielle Reece, Dr. Drew, and the Forbes just to name a few. The leading advertiser-supported podcast network was founded at the end of 2012. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, America’s largest radio network and a provider of news, entertainment, sports, and traffic programming to the broadcast industry. Before establishing PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, Pattiz had created Courtside Entertainment Group. Their aim was to produce and finance multi-platform quality programming.


Moreover, Pattiz has also served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. His responsibilities entailed formulating and launching American Arabic language radio and TV services to all Middle East countries. He was also in charge of broadcasting Farsi language to over a weekly audience of 40 million listeners in Iran. Currently, he serves as Chairman to the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and in the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Now then, these four stated competencies are part and partial to all that the company stands for and operates itself on. Without a system of competencies and core values of integrity, the pyramid as a whole would merely crumble in a matter of days, weeks, or even seconds! I CAN NOT STATE THIS ENOUGH: VALUES ARE CRUCIAL!

With IAP WORLDWIDE, it is no different. Without further ado, the four competencies as listed on the main web page link are those of: focus, agility, capabilities, and commitment.

IAP WORLDWIDE’s own charter of values mentions that all related members of IAP should and would:
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Brian Torchin is One of the Most Successful Medical Practitioners

Whether you are the human resource person of a fast pace medical or alternative Practice or an efficient and well-trained alternative or medical professional there is now a way for you to find people you need or the place to be to create health and wellness in your community. This can now be accomplished from the comfort of your living room or office.

Brian Torchin is the creator of a staffing agency called Health Care Recruitment Counselors that creates a bridge between the medical and alternative professionals who are looking for positions and the offices who need their services. HCRC is located in several states and serves the needs of alternative practices such as chiropractic offices and nutritionalist as well as allopathic offices with front office staff and professionals such as Physician’s assistants and Registered Nurses.

If you are a trained professional who is not aware that medical offices need your services, or an office in search of the right staffing pounding the pavement, or placing ads in newspapers and combing through endless resumes, checking their references and endless interviews used to be the way to find work, or staff weather you were a medical professional or something else.

Brian Tochin has a large social media presence on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter as well as a website and other means of modern outreach. Updates and postings are listed as they come available for staffing and professional searches.

In today’s fast-paced environment finding the right person and matching them with the right position and coworkers is key to quality patient and outpatient care. Time is of the essence and efficiency is highly valued.

Brian Torchin has used his foresight In seeing a need and filling it and has freed up the medical and alternative community of the tedious chore of job hunting and employee searches and opened a resource with quality professionals to fill the need of every office in both medical and alternative fields.

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    Now the Internet is the pavement and the organization created by Brian levels the playing field so that those people who are looking get linked to those people who need them. It is going to be so tough for and that alone will make them to the needful which is so compulsory too for all and sundry.

US Money Reserve Gold Coins Are Lovely Collectibles

Collectible gold coins are an excellent investment for those who wish to avoid stocks and bonds, and they may make purchases given the current value of gold. The market is quite strong, and it provides a support system of investment that will produce quite a lot of cash in the future. This article explains why US Money Reserve gold coins are the go-to item for investors who wish to diversify outside stocks and bonds.


#1: What Are The Coins?


US Money Reserve coins are created using gold designed in a mold, and the mold carries a design that is quite a lot of fun to look at. The coins become collectible items that will stand the test of time before they are sold. They may sit in a family home for generations before they are sold, and it is a collection that will bring prestige to the family because gold coins are seen as a status symbol. Anyone may purchase the coins, and they may offer the coins as gifts if they choose.


#2: The Designs Change


The designs of the coins are altered on a rotating basis, and they become rare items once each run of coins ends. The coins rise in price when they become rare, and they become a collector’s item that may be sold for multiple times its original price. It is quite exciting to own a coin everyone wants, and it becomes the coin in the collection that will validate the rest of the collection.


#3: Owners May Sell At Any Time


Owners are free to sell their coins at any time, and they must sell when they believe the value cannot be any higher. The idea behind a gold coin investment is profit, and profits rise when the coins are sold at the peak of their value. Peak value for every coin is different given its size and design. Owners may find the coins peak when they are most wanted, and other coins will peak when the price of gold cannot seem to rise any higher.


The finest gold coins in the world are produced by US Money Reserve, and the company will produce new designs every year that entice new buyers. Collectors may add to their collections, and they will find it quite simple to purchase new coins when they run across a design they love. Investment is simplified under a gold coin system.

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Bob Reina: Creating The Product For The World

When Bob Reina created Talk Fusion, he had a few people in mind. He had the people in mind that were simply looking for an easier way to communicate with others, which is always nice. After all, two of their most popular features are video email and video chat. These work really well and are great for people that live long distance from one another. They never have to worry about being too far away from each other. These are very intimate and they allow for people to chat in a variety of ways and have that personal touch.


He also created this for people that are dreamers and have great business ideas. Maybe they just have not figured out how to get this business in motion or get it off the ground. They are just confused, which is natural when it comes to life at certain points. Everyone runs into a certain situation where they don’t really know what to do or how to handle something that life has dealt them. There is nothing, at all, wrong with that. It just shows that someone is human and they have feelings and emotions.


Bob Reina, though, has now given them all of the tools they need to succeed and live out that dream and that business idea. They can work from home and they can have everything they have ever wanted right at their fingertips. Nothing can stop them except for themselves. They also know that when they are part of the Talk Fusion family, they are part of something that is all about giving back. That is the DNA of Talk Fusion and especially Bob Reina.


It is no secret that he made a record-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This is big money that is going to go a long way for these animals. It will change their lives. He has also encouraged his employees to give back as well, as they can give Talk Fusion to one charity of their choosing, which can really impact that charity in a positive way for the future. That is progress.



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Igor Cornelsen Explains His Profitable Investment Strategy


Igor Cornelsen is an expert investor, and a retired banker. He works with Bainbridge Group with investing in the stock market. He became famous with his investing prowess while in Brazil, where he became one of the country’s top bankers. He managed a large part of the investment portfolio of the country. Currently Igor lives in South Florida, where he enjoys golf and his retirement. He still dabbles in the investing markets from time to time.


The world is beginning to become interested in the Brazilian economy, after last summer’s 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The games awakened an interest people have in the country as an investment target. Brazil needs to focus on becoming the market oriented economy that proved successful for it before 2008. The “new economic matrix”, which was government driven, cause major declines in stock prices in the country. Current GDP growth is less than 2%, disappointing investors. The country is still the eighth largest economy in the world.


Igor Cornelsen recommends that people considering investing in Brazil, should be prepared for a lot of new regulations in the country. The labor market is very rigid, taxes are high, and the bureaucracy are obstacles to investors. Igor claims that the Brazilian market is growing, just fragile. Cornelsen claims that even though the market is tricky, those who put in the work to find the good values, will be paid handsomely in the end.


Igor suggests on his blog that investors change the way they view the stock market. Quick trades rarely work, but investing for the long haul usually does work. Look for companies who have had their stock prices damaged, rather than damaged companies.  When you do this, just wait until the tides turn. You will have much more success than looking for a quick profit.  Learn more about Igor on Snappages, or you can also see his career story on CNN.

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Assisted Living Centers For Everyone: How The Manse on Marsh is Changing The Game

When it comes to an assisted living center, people might think there is a formula that works and that is the way it should be done and there are no ways around it. However, that is a rather narrow-minded way of thinking and looking at the world. When it comes to assisted living centers, there are many formulas and many ways to get it done right. There is no one right way and no one wrong way. It is all about what works for the particular resident and what makes them happy. At the end of the day, if the resident is not happy, they have not done their job.


At The Manse on Marsh, they make sure that each and every single resident is happy. If one is not happy, they go out of their way to make sure they are happy and they stay happy. They do that by communicating with the resident. They find out what is working, what is not working, and what they can do to make it a pleasant stay for them. They want it to be as enjoyable as possible without any issues. They take the time to treat them like the individuals that they are as everyone has a different personality type and it is important to remember that and recall that at all times.


Reasons like this and so many more are why they have won “The Golden Star” award for their work. This is based on reviews and how they handle them. Just about every review of The Manse on Marsh is positive, but if there is a negative one, it up to them to solve it in a timely and respectful manner. Respect is something they have for everyone that steps foot through their doors.


They know that by treating them with respect, they will feel at home, comfortable, and like they are valued. Everyone, no matter what their age is, wants to feel valued and they want to feel like they are heard. When people are not heard, that is when they get upset. At the Manse on Marsh, they will always be heard loud and clear.

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