Dick DeVos Gives Back

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur as well as a businessman who grew up and is currently residing in Michigan, in a community that he has grown to love ever since he was a child. Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is a consumer distribution company that had Dick DeVos lead the company as the CEO from 1993 to 2002. Dick DeVos, though a member of a wealthy family, has built his own legacy and has created his own wealth through his many innovative business techniques. In 2012, Dick DeVos demonstrated his success by being named as the 67th richest individual in the world with an overall net worth of $5.1 billion.

Though Dick DeVos is a member of a well-known and rich family, he was always taught to remain humble and to never take anything for granted. Dick DeVos has fond memories of growing up in Grand Rapids as he played with his brother and played in the basement of his family home. During his childhood, the basement of his home was the headquarters of Amway Corporation. Though his family was always busy with the start of this now billion dollar business, Dick DeVos stated that he grew up in a normal household and in a stable environment that he is now grateful to be a part of.

In 1974, Mr. DeVos was excited to join the team and to show his skills as a businessman and not just as the son of the boss. For over ten years, Dick DeVos worked in several sectors of the company and eventually became the vice president who was in charge of international sales in over 18 different countries. From the beginning of this promotion, international sales accounted for five percent of the revenue.

As a successful businessman, Dick DeVos has always played a role in helping others especially for those that reside in the community he grew up in. As a philanthropist, Dick DeVos has donated millions of dollars to charities that has worthy goals of improving the lives of people and for giving individuals the opportunity to be successful.

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How To Save For College

NexBank offers many technological banking features available that allows customers to manage their finances and continue to save money. They recently acquired College Savings Bank for an undisclosed amount of money. John Holt says he wants this to be a great transaction for everyone involved. The overall goal is to continue offering college savings to thousands of college students and their parents. College Savings Bank will continue to do business under their own brand and their name. They will continue to over 529+ college saving programs for their customers. NexBank is taking your college savings to the next level.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank is committed to a high standard of excellency when it comes to their members. They offer exclusive programs that are only available to them. Often times, busy professionals want services that are going to work for them and meet the demands of a busy schedule. Banking is made simple with the features offered by NexBank. Refer a friend and receive additional savings and services that help you maximize your money.

Features By NexBank

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You get a host of services that will revolutionize the way you bank online. Managing your money is very important in these uncertain financial times and NexBank is there to back you fully FDIC insured. You’ll have the benefit of knowing that you have superior services right there at your fingertips. There is nothing more relaxing than knowing your money is working for you when it’s in the bank. Visit the NexBank website for more details today.


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Financial Specialist Sam Tabar Takes On New Role

The world of fiscal management is one that requires a great many skills. Anyone who is going to be part of this field must be aware of factors that include direct fiscal management as well as the field of financial law. This is a task that lawyer and financial professional takes on with great relish. As someone who has an extensive background in the field of law, he is pleased to announce his latest venture to those who pay close attention to this world. Tabar has been appointed Chief Operating Office of the FullCycle Energy Fund, an important role that he is happy to take on right now.

Making A Success

Tabar hopes to make this role just as much of a success as his prior roles in various industries. His own background includes degrees from highly prestigious universities all over the world including Columbia School of Law where he graduated and was an editor of one of the school’s highly prestigious law journals. Since his graduation from this law school, he has chosen to make his home in New York City where he knows that he can find both a satisfying career and the opportunity for an enjoyable personal life that allows him to pursue his many varied hobbies and his charitable work as well.

Bringing His Skills

In helping to take a leadership position at FullCycle, Tabar brings many years of fiscal business leadership to the table with him, all evidenced by his LinkedIn profile. He also brings with a full commitment to the fund’s stated goal of moving past polluting sources of energy. In his new role, he will help push investors to sources of energy that are known to be renewable and offer people the satisfaction of using fuels that do not add any additional pollution to the environment. He is hopeful that he can help see this goal through as he works here.

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Forefront Capital Creates Forefront Income Trust To Create Investment Opportunities For Non-accredited Investors

Many non-accredited investors believe that the top one percent have a secret they tightly keep that make them accumulate gains in investments. When Brad Reifler launched Forefront Capital, his aim was to close the economic gap between the wealthy and average investors with Forefront Income Trust. Forefront Income Trust is a tool to help non-accredited investors access the same investment opportunities as the accredited investors.

For many years, Brad Reifler focused on accredited investors making over $200,000 a year and with a net worth of over $1 million. However, this meant that over 44% of the middle-class Americans with less than $6000 in savings could not access most of the investment opportunities. The objective of the Forefront Income Trust is to reduce the risks that average investors face when they intend to invest in the opportunities taken by accredited investors. It was also a way of increasing the level of savings to a level where the middle-class Americans can invest in the investment opportunities reserved for top one percent.

According to SEC, an accredited investor must meet the minimum requirements which include an income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two recent years, and his/her spouse has an income exceeding $300,000 for the last two years. Alternatively, the investor must meet a minimum net worth (together with the spouse) that exceeds $1 million at the time of purchase.

The investment world is one that has undergone improvements over time. The accredited investor standards were originally designed by the government agencies to protect the shareholders from risky investments. The SEC Investor Advisory Committee that was founded in 2010 was given the task of reviewing the changes that can be made in the investment world.

Considering Forefront Income Trust is not integrated into the stock market, clients are allowed to diversify their investment using their 401K and savings. Forefront Income Trust puts the necessary structures to mitigate risks associated with higher return strategies.  Check out one of Brad’s official websites for more information, not to mention his Bloomberg for all of his business acumen.

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